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July 16, 2015 -- Gary Bell, 62, was gunned down on his way to work.

That was eight months ago.

This week two suspects have been arrested for the crime.

Authorities say robbery was the motive and that the crime was random.

The arrests were reported July 15, 2015. There were no 'black lives matter' protests. Bell was murdered by two black thugs. Privileged white liberals only care about black deaths that can be exploited to further the cultural Marxist false narrative that whites are innately racists and blacks are their perennial victims.

• Privileged white liberals complain that our penal system is disproportionately populated with black convicts. Those same liberals pretend to express compassion for the black community, even as they hide out in white suburbs, far removed from the criminal activity that snatches thousands of black lives each year.

• Black youths are frequently raised without father figures. Rather, they are raised by welfare-dependent mothers who treat their offspring as pets. They are fed and given a place to sleep, but are allowed to roam the streets in packs like feral dogs.

Black Americans, like Gary Bell, who strive to survive by working for a living find themselves vulnerable victims to these roving thugs. White-privileged liberals who refuse to acknowledge the burgeoning problem of violent black crime should be considered by racists and complicit in such homicides.

Had Bell been murdered by two white males, the media would endlessly cite the crime as evidence that racism prevails in America. However, violent white-on-black crime rarely occur outside Hollywood.

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It’s been eight long months, but on Wednesday, friends of the man who was gunned down at a bus stop while on his way to work have just received the answers they've been praying for. Their loved one’s suspected killers have been caught.

Police have arrested two people in the death of 62-year-old Gary Bell.

Investigators said 26-year-old Arsenio James and 18-year-old Timothy Webster robbed and then killed Bell while he was sitting at a bus stop near Moncrief Road and West 35th Street.

Police are calling it a random shooting and robbery. Webster is charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. James is charged with murder.

"Very perfect guy. Didn't bother anybody, never had a confrontation with nobody. Nothing, just a real good fellow," said a friend, who wanted to remain anonymous. 

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