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July 5, 2015 -- News reports say 16-year-old Rasheedah Evans was shot dead by a stray bullet. She was watching television in the safety of her home at the time and died instantly.

The death the 16-year-old girl demonstrates, again, why privileged white liberals avoid black neighborhoods, preferring to segregate themselves in white enclaves insulated from the dangers of that permeate most black areas.

Police have identified a black male, 23-year-old Marcel Smith, as a person of interest.

Police believe the shot was "celebratory" gunfire that is typical on the Fourth of July.

• Police reported a high number of  "celebratory" gunfire calls in the area July 4. Oddly, no such reports were filed in my neighborhood. I wonder why?

• I'm not certain why blacks would celebrate the Fourth of July. The mainstream Marxist media reminds them that the nation's founders were racists. They seldom tell us that Crispus Attucks, the first American killed in the Revolutionary War, was a black colonist. Nor do they tell us the first legal slave holder in American history, Anthony Johnson, was black.

• Some black lives matter to the mainstream Marxist media. Some black lives don't matter to the media.

The tragic death of Evans won't get the airplay or media traction afforded the nine black lives lost in Charleston, South Carolina last month.

The reasons are:

a - She was apparently killed by a black person.
b - Noticing black violence is considered racist.
c - There is no blacksploitation value.

The crime occurred in Fulton County, Georgia near Atlanta on July 4, 2015.

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Police are investigating after a stray bullet went through a College Park home and killed a teenager Saturday.

Rasheedah Evans’ stepfather, Rashid Salaam, said he found the 16-year-old unresponsive Saturday night after hearing gunshots.

“It was around 10:30 or so. I just heard gunshots and it sounded real close to the house,” Salaam said.

One of the bullets entered the living room where the teenager was watching a movie and hit her behind the ear. She was killed instantly.

“She was watching a movie at home. We should be safe in our own homes but we're not safe in our homes. Put the guns down,” Salaam said.

Fulton County police said the bullet was fired for what's known as "celebratory gunfire" on the Fourth of July. Investigators now said they want to speak with 23-year-old Marcel Smith.

Police say Marcel Smith, 23, is a person of interest in this shooting. He is described as a 6 feet tall black male weighing around 185 pounds.

Police stress that Smith is only wanted for questioning.

Evans’ uncle, Patrick Muhammad, said Smith is their neighbor but police have not been able to find him since the shooting and her family wants Smith to come forward.

“We are a loving family and a forgiving family, with an accident. Let it remain an accident, but fleeing the scene and not turning yourself in allows us not to be believers in accidents,” Muhammad said.

Police said they got many calls for celebratory gunfire Saturday, but in this case, it was fatal.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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