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July 5, 2015 -- A 16-year-old Somali immigrant stabbed and killed a 20-year-old college student at a house party in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Reports say the victim, Davee Duvose, was attempting to protect a young woman from an unwanted advance. The attacker, identified as Muhiyadim Mohamed Hassan, joined the brawl with a kitchen knife, slashing Duvose.

The attack was reported July 2, 2015. The funeral is scheduled July 27.

Each year Obama allows 70,000 "refugees" entrance into the United States per agreement with the United Nations. Virtually all are from Islamic nations; many are from Somalia.

The administration claims it vets the immigrants, sorting out violent criminals. Obviously, the process is a failure.

Meanwhile, 4-million whites are being persecuted in South Africa where an estimated 4,000 white farmers have been murdered during home invasions since the Mandellan government took control in 1994. Many -- if not most -- white South Africans would willingly migrate to the United States to escape the violence in their native land.

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20-year-old Davee Duvose lost his life early Friday morning after being stabbed by a 16-year-old at a St. Cloud house party, and he was just trying to protect his friend Chelsea Siegle.

“I was nonstop crying,” Siegle said.  “I didn't sleep for three days after that.  He took care of everybody else before himself.”

The St. Cloud student was killed after he stepped in to protect Siegle from a violent stranger.  Siegle, her girlfriends, and Duvose were at house party in St. Cloud when she was approached.

“One of the dudes came up to me and was asking me what's your name what's your number, you're cute,” Siegle said.  “And I said ‘no I'm good. Can you just leave me alone?’ And he was like, ‘you're a bitch.’ I was like ‘excuse me?’”

16-year-old Muhiyadim Mohamed Hassan randomly jumped into the brawl with a kitchen knife after Duvose began protecting Siegle. She said Hassan just "came out of the blue and stabbed Davee."

Everyone who knew Duvose seems to describe him the exact same way – as the “brother” and a peacemaker.

“He has a big brother instinct even though he's much younger than me but he's always been like that with everybody,” Karen Garth.

Duvose's mother Sylvia is comforted to see how much her son was loved.  Her only hope now is that his killer is brought to justice.

“I hope everybody learns from what happens,” Sylvia said.  “I feel it's something positive you can get from everything.”

According to the criminal complaint, after initially lying, Hassan ultimately came clean to police.

Hassan faces a second-degree murder charge and could very well be tried as an adult. Meanwhile, Duvose’s funeral takes place July 17.

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