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July 3, 2015 -- Once upon a time anti-white bigots had solid -- if invalid -- arguments to make about apparent racial inequality. They railed against Jim Crow laws, redlining, segregated schools, etc.

With those 'problems' erased by government force, the bigots must concoct new and ever-increasing absurd arguments to justify couching their hate for whites in alleged racism.

Enter Professor Zandria Robinson.

Robinson "attributes her menstrual disorder to white 'microaggressions,'" notes The Daily Caller.

Below are screen shots from the professor's past Tweets on Twitter.

Take a moment and compare the nonsensical babblings of Professor Robinson with the refreshing insights of Vanderbilt Professor emerita, Virginia Abernethy ►

The absurd notion of white privilege exist to give anti-white bigots an excuse to hate. 
Hearken? The word means 'listen.'
One has to wonder if the professor's degree and subsequent position aren't the products of Affirmative Action.

It would be interesting to hear how the Ferguson and Baltimore riots were caused by white people.
Maybe I can help.
White people invented asphalt of which the city streets are composed.
They invented the steel which provides the infrastructure for most commercial buildings.
Whites formulated gasoline, lighter fluid, and matches.
Whites invented Western civilization.
Had it not been for asphalt, steel, gasoline, combustible fluids, and civilization
the riots could never have occurred.
Yep. I see her point. 

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  2. But she was "smart" enough to teach NIGS in Memphis.