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July 3, 2015 -- The media prefers to characterize honest people as doting hicks with little education and a worldview birthed in bigotry.

They hide from our eyes and ears the vast number of intellectuals whose scholarly research prompts us to use our minds to think logically rather than recoil in emotion.

We succumb to their mind  manipulation techniques and turn off our thinking process, fearful that our minds may be tainted with irrational racism.

Enter Virginia Abernethy.

Virginia Abernethy is an American professor emerita of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine best known for work on population demography, says Wikipedia.

The Southern Poverty Law Center denounced her as a "full-fledged professor of hate."

Note the predatory left fails to contradict or even challenge Abernethy's assertions. Rather, they seek to turn off your thinking process with ad hominem attacks, slander, and pejoratives.

As you listen to the video, ask yourself which fact stated by Abernethy is untrue and which can be categorized as 'hate.'

One must conclude that the predatory lefts seeks to force our minds to associate honesty with hate by creating a mindset in which the two are perceived as effectively synonymous.

The video is a refreshing retreat from political correctness as Prof. Abernethy appeals to our intellects rather than our emotions.

Fortunately there are intellectuals like Abernethy whose scholarly approach circumvents the feeble though effective mind-manipulating techniques of the predatory left.

• The antidote for the cultural Marxism virus is honesty. That is, the most efficient and effective means of deprogramming minds infected by cultural Marxism's cult-like symptoms is truth; irrefutable, empirical truth.

Compare the rational perspectives of Abernethy with the mind-numbing nonsense of Rhodes College professor Zandria Robinson ►

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