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July 2, 2015 -- Forget everything you've heard from the mainstream Marxist media about South Africa.

Author Cuan Elgin's classic history cuts to the chase to disclose South Africa's true past.

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• Thoroughly enjoyable! Cuan has managed to paint a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations of the 'voortrekkers'. His research into SA history is thorough and accurate, and he has inter-woven a gripping story into factual events of the past. This book leaves one with a feeling of 'proud to be South African'. His description of daily life, and the events which our forefathers lived through, is truely awe-inspiring. A must read for all South Africans, now unfortunately, scattered throughout the world. Cuan must be commended for his courage in telling the TRUE story of South Africa - not this false 'politically correct' version we read about today.

• I must first admit that I haven't finished reading Bulala yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Cuan Elgin did a great job providing extensive historic information, and interweaving it with a fictional component (based on fact) to give one a good sense of what life was like in those early days in South Africa. I would recommend Bulala to anyone who has an interest in South Africa's history since the Portuguese first discovered the southern tip of Africa. Great read!

• `Bulala' by Cuan Elgin is a book I would not have missed for anything. Imagine a novel about the dawn of European settlement in South Africa - not written about exceptionally talented `heroes,' but about ordinary people; those real people one can relate to who have weaknesses as well as strength. The book brings to vibrant life the struggles of the Trek Boer despite the chasm of time that has elapsed since that first crack of a stock-whip heralded their departure on the journey north and away from British rule. It is a magnificent piece of work and in my mind, it should be essential reading for anyone studying South African history - not because it is a book on history but because it takes you down to the minutiae in the very lives of the early settlers and straightens out the deliberate lies that have become entrenched as truths in order to vilify the Afrikaners, the white tribe of Africa. It mentions the big events too, of course; but is written from the grass roots and not from or by the people who made the policies of the time.

From the publisher:

 The gripping tale of the beginnings of a small, brave, Christian nation born of both extremes of the spectrum: conflict, turmoil, and tragedy as well as love, dedication, and hard work—this exciting historical account of the history of South Africa (from earliest times to the end of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War at the dawn of the 20th Century) is woven as a rich tapestry into the form of a novel. Dutch, English, French Huguenot, German, Indian, Irish, Koi, Malay, Portuguese, Scots, Xhosa, Zulu, and other peoples struggle with and against each other in this factual account, which depicts the events as they happened, as well as the beliefs in the hearts and the thoughts in the minds of those people during those times—yet while this moving saga reveals how and why things were done as they were, it does so without condemning or condoning behavior. The reader is free to draw his own conclusions and do his own moralizing. Deeply researched, the Scottish-Irish-descended South African-born author travelled over 15,500 miles [25,000 km.] across South Africa to every historical site mentioned in the narrative, in his first-hand investigative research. You will learn, laugh, and cry—but more importantly, understand the actual events which transpired in this controversial, southern-most African nation, without the bias of the media or the pressured slant of special-interest groups. Apart from being so highly entertaining that you will find it hard to put this book down, the historically accurate presentation will allow the non-South African reader to understand South Africa as well as it can possibly be understood by an outsider. Further, modern nations may possibly learn some lessons and avoid similar pitfalls which may threaten their domestic tranquility.

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