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July 29, 2015 -- At first you may think this is a life-like humanoid robot programmed to repeat cultural Marxism nonsense on command.


This is a real-life person.

Spewing from the mind infected with the cultural Marxism virus comes a flood of pre-programming.

So where do people get this crap?

Obviously, they didn't think of it on their own. The lines are too repetitious. It's the outcome of allowing one's brain to go online without a proper anti-virus program.

The most effective method to deprogram minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus is to apply the truth antidote. Truth is to cultural Marxism what anti-viral software is to your hard drive. It can prevent your mind from being infected or, once the virus has entered the brain, it can remove the trojan, but only when the truth is applied in a full dose.

Consider that cultural Marxism attempts to program our minds to remove our defenses. It bypasses truth with emotion, appealing to our innate altruism. That is why the predatory left reports on immigration from third-world countries with personal, warm and fuzzy stories. However, when an American is killed by an illegal alien, the media attempt to dehumanize the victim. Seldom do they interview the families of victims. That bit of tugging on our emotions would contradict the cultural Marxism narrative that whites are oppressors (bourgeois) and non-whites are the oppressed (proletariat).

The video appears to be satire. Even if the person is an actor, the narrative is dead-on accurate in reflecting the mindset of those infected with cultural Marxism.

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