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July 2, 2015 -- The convicted murderer who killed world-famous artist Clinton De Menezes laughed at his victim's family in court.

Menezes, 43, was killed during a burglary in South Africa on New Years Eve, 2013.

News reports say Siyabonga Khoza took a somber tone after being "dressed down" by Judge Esther Steyn "for laughing while his victims testified in aggravation of his sentence."

The proceedings were reported July 2, 2015.

According to a January, 2014 news report:

Clinton De Menezes, 43, who lived and worked in Britain until July, was murdered on holiday in South Africa just days after celebrating his first wedding anniversary.

He was killed by gunmen who broke into the Durban home of his friend Simon Malpas, who had been his best man, by climbing onto a balcony in the early hours of New Year’s Eve. Mr De Menezes made sure that his wife, Nicola Saward, and their daughter, Eva, seven, were safely locked in the bathroom.

Despite pleas not to put himself in further danger, he then returned to help his friend, who had tried to repel one of the men by hitting him with a plastic chair and was now struggling to keep a glass door into the house shut as the intruders attempted to get inside.
Mr Malpas recalled: “I was hanging on for dear life. Clinton must have come up behind me. I had no idea he was there and the next thing I hear a loud bang. I don’t know how they missed me. I was standing right in front of them.”

After emerging from the bathroom to find Mr De Menezes lying dead on the floor, Miss Saward closed his eyes, kissed him and thanked him for being a loving father and husband.

Eva, who had hidden in a laundry basket, also said goodbye to her father, according to Mr Malpas’s wife Amanda. Mr Malpas described the contemporary artist as a “hero”, adding: “I’ve lost a magnificent friend.”

A mobile phone, laptop and handbag were allegedly stolen during the break-in. Four suspects have been arrested and charged with murder and house robbery.

South African police said they had recovered a 9mm pistol suspected of being used during the shooting.

Mr De Menezes, whose work was exhibited in galleries around the world, including New York’s prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art, was born in Johannesburg but moved to London in 2007 to further his career. In 2011 he won a major commission to provide a large artwork entitled World Map for the Norman Foster-designed new headquarters of accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers on London’s South Bank. He and his family lived in Hanwell, west London, until last summer, when they moved to Kenya so his wife could take up a new post with the oil and gas company Tullow. [source]
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Khoza, who has a previous conviction for robbery, sat laughing in the dock while other victims testified, and was admonished by Judge Esther Steyn.

No remorse shown - State State Advocate Mahen Naidu had argued strongly in aggravation of sentence, insisting that the four had shown no remorse.

“They have come before the court with normal circumstances. In the evidence we saw the hallmarks of organised crime. One could see the planning that was involved, how the transport was arranged, how they escaped and how the stolen goods were disposed of,” he said.

“They targeted families who were vulnerable and they were motivated by greed. They targeted houses where they knew the occupants would be home and they were armed, reconciling themselves that they would overcome any resistance that they met,” he said.

Steyn adjourned proceedings to consider the testimony of the gang’s victims, and is expected to pass sentence on Friday.

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