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July 17, 2015

Did you hear about the young Klansman who beat an elderly black man nearly to death with a brick this month?

Nor did I! It didn't happen.

However, I did read the news item from Gastonia, North Carolina in which a black teen beat 78-year-old Fletcher Campbell nearly to death with a cinder block. The attack occurred July 6.

Campbell was beaten in the face.

The injuries were so severe that medics doubted the victim would survive. He required extensive surgery, will require extended medical care, and will never fully recover.

Violent white-on-black crime occurs frequently in Hollywood. It also occurs in the mythical mindset of cultural Marxism. Revisionists litter our minds with fanciful tales of brutal, unprovoked white-on-black attacks that occurred in generations past. Honest documentation is almost never forthcoming.

In real life, however, interracial crime is disproportionately black-on-white.

Sadly, the white victims are frequently targeted because they are elderly.

• It took less than one hour for a jury to convict Gregory Howard, 47, of all charges.

Howard was tried for invading the home of 92-year-old Fannie Tekavec. News reports say the convict gained entry by pretending to be a delivery man. Once inside the home he beat the elderly Tekavec, robbing her of about $20,000 in jewelry and $928 in cash.

The crime occurred October 21, 2014 in Rostraver, Pennsylvania. The conviction was reported July 9, 2015.

• We've all read To Kill A Mockingbird in which a black man was falsely accused of rape. Few, however, have read about Zoa White.

The 69-year-old was brutally raped and murdered with a claw hammer in 2010.

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals ruled earlier this month to overturn the accused killer's conviction and subsequent death penalty. The grounds for the reversal? Convicted black killer Carlos Edward Kennedy was not allowed to represent himself as requested.

To Kill A Mockingbird is pure fiction. The rape and murder of Zoa White was a horrific reality.

Like Fannie Tekavec, White was murdered after a black male broke into her home.

• Regina Brunner Holmes, 85, was found beaten, stabbed, and her throat slashed earlier this month.

Arrested for the brutal murder is Leroy Wilson, 37. Neighbors were familiar with Wilson who worked in the area as a handyman. Police believe that Wilson, who has a lengthy and violent criminal history, was caught stealing at Holmes home. That prompted him to attack her, they speculate. The crime occurred near Philadelphia in East Mount Airy, Pennsylvania.

• 73-year-old Charles Raymond Talen, Sr. was found beaten to death in his Louisiana home in February.

News reports say Talen died of blunt force trauma to the head. Siearra White was arrested this month; charged with being a principal to second-degree murder and principal to armed robbery. She was one of nine persons authorities believe participated in the crime.

• 90-year-old Mims Bowen was found beaten at his home is Smith County, Mississippi.

Bowen died the next day of blunt force trauma to his head in a local hospital. Arrested and charged with murder are Bruce "Buddy" Keys, 35, and Marsha Gholar, 37. The arrests were reported June 30, 2015. The victim died on June 25, 2015.

• Frans and Martha Maria Slabbert were robbed by armed thieves shortly after the couple returned home from a pharmacy July 1.

The couple, both in their 70s, had apparently been followed after withdrawing cash from an ATM. A vehicle blocked the gate to the couple's driveway. Two black males, one toting a large black handgun, demanded their possessions. The couple were injured during the attack. The crime was committed in Murrayfield, South Africa.

• 78-year-old Heini Witthoft died last month from wounds inflicted during a home invasion earlier last year.

That crime also occurred in South Africa. News reports say Heini and his wife, Kitta, were attacked in their home by two black thugs. The couple occupied their home in the town of Primrose since 1963. News reports say Heini was legally blind at the time of the attack.

• An Alabama jailer was arrested this month on charges relating to the shooting death of a 66-year-old Doyle Ivey Ingram.

Cecil Rashad Chappell, 29, was charged with the murder. Reports say Chappell shot Ingram at the victim's home, loaded his body into Ingram's truck, then abandoned it after driving to a remote location. The crime occurred in Talladega County, Alabama.

• Two males are being held by authorities after the body of a 69-year-old woman was discovered near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Sharen Wilson had been abducted from her home. Her body was found by ghost hunters who stumbled across the remains earlier this month at an abandoned hospital.  In custody for her murder are 20-year-old Akeem McCloud and his uncle, 33-year-old Raphael McCloud.

• Clifton Lamar Williams was scheduled for execution this morning. He was found guilty of murdering Cecelia Schneider, 93, ten years ago. The victim was stabbed to death in her Tyler, Texas home.

• Police say the rape and murder 100-year-old Martha Schell was a “a crime of opportunity.”

36-year-old Kasey Nesbitt broke into the victim's home in 2014, police contend. When Schell later died of a blood clot, the coroner determined the death was the result of an attack on Schell during the home invasion the previous month.

The victim suffered a broken back and other injuries. Schell lived alone and was physically active using only a walker to move about. After the attack she was rendered immobile. The crime occurred in Wichita, Kansas. The trial was reported June 24, 2015.

All of the above crimes were committed by blacks. Their victims were elderly white people.

Literally hundreds of such attacks have been reported by local news venues. Virtually none are reported by the national media.

Readers may review more reports of black thugs attacking elderly victims by clicking here ►

• Perhaps the most vile of such attacks was the brutal murder of Yoko Cullen, a Japanese American.

The elderly Cullen was carjacked by three black thugs as she left a bingo game in May, 2011 in East St. Louis.

According to news reports 85-year-old Cullen was alive in the trunk of her car when the vehicle was intentionally set afire.

A Madison County coroner's investigator testified that Cullen's body was almost entirely consumed by the fire but said part of her trachea was found and the inside of it was coated with soot.

"It indicated to us that she was breathing when the fire started," the investigator said.

There was no evidence of other injuries.

Arrested were LaTosha Cunningham, 39, DaQuan D. Barnes, 21, and his uncle, DeMarcus Barnes, 30.

In September, 2013 DaQuan Barnes pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He testified that he heard Cullen's voice from the trunk as he drove her car to a remote location in East St. Louis. The three also had attacked Cullen with tire irons in an effort to get the pin number to her ATM card.

Kenn Daily is the publisher of Now 62 years old, Kenn formed his conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be bullied into silence regarding racial issues. Violent black crime is a signature issue of his website. Kenn is a semi-retired business owner. He lives in Indiana with his wife of 39 years. He has two grown children -- a daughter and son -- four grandchildren, and two granddogs.

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