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July 12, 2015 -- To Kill A Mockingbird was the ultimate white-guilt movie.

Based on a novel by the same name, the story entered our minds beginning in 1960 and displaced rational thinking by confusing fiction with reality.

Atticus Finch was the hero who steadfastly defended a black male false accused of horrific rape. Gregory Peck played the role of Finch in the film.

This is fiction
Author Harper Lee's prequel, Go Set a Watchman, is scheduled for release on Tuesday, July 14.

In the new book -- the second ever written by Lee -- Finch is embroiled in the racist hate movement. We learn there is, indeed, hope for bigots and purveyors of hate.

To Kill A Mockingbird set the mold for a host of similar white-guilt literary works during the subsequent decades, including the notorious, The Green Mile.

• Meanwhile -- in the real world ...

This is reality
The conviction of a black male who brutally raped and murdered a white 69-year-old grandmother, Zoa White, had his conviction and death sentence reversed. Few seemed to care, though many shed tears for a fictional black male, Tom Robinson, in To Kill A Mockingbird. [source]

This is reality
A 14-year-old was charged earlier this month with raping, burning, and murdering 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers in Baltimore this week. It's ok. He and two other teen suspects were black. The victim is one of thousands of black lives that don't matter to the predatory left. [source]

This is reality
In Wichita, Kansas a real-life black male was scheduled to stand trial for the brutal rape and murder of a 100-year-old white women. Martha Schell died of complication caused by the attack. We'll turn our heads and pretend we didn't notice, lest we be labeled 'racists.' [source]

This is reality
An 86-year-old victim of a real-life Tom Robinson died in North Carolina earlier this year. Arrested was a black male; an employee of the care center where the victim lived. We wonder if the accused will get a fair trial, or if the jury will excuse him as images of To Kill A Mockingbird fog their minds. [source]

This is reality
Regina Brunner Holmes, 85, was found beaten, stabbed, and her throat slashed in East Mout Airy, Pennsylvania. We wonder if this helpless victim will get justice or if the 37-year-old suspect will be set free to prey on other victims. [source]

While there are dozens of fictional black males falsely accused of horrendous crimes against vulnerable white victims, there are thousands of real white victims of black violence who deserve justice.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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