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July 27, 2015 -- We are careful to abide by Facebook's Terms of Service (TOS).

Occasionally, however, our Facebook page will be attacked by haters.

This is typically a lone individual with multiple Facebook accounts.

When one of our Facebook posts is 'flag-bombed' ...

First, we notify Facebook and ask our contact there to research the person(s) flagging our posts. By tracking the 'bomber's' IP addresses, Facebook can determine that it is a lone individual and will ban that person.

(When more than one hater is flag-bombing, Facebook can track their histories. If the persons have histories of gratuitously flag-bombing posts on Facebook, they risk being banned.)

Second, we then ask our 5,000 subscribers to repost the content that was deleted from our Facebook page. The content may disappear from our page, but our subscribers will repost it thousands of times on their pages and timelines.

The flag-bombing efforts of the hater are reversed. The hater thinks he is removing the content on one page when, in reality, he is causing it to be spread across Facebook multiple times for many months.

Again, we are careful to abide by Facebook's Terms of Service. The hater, however, is violating Facebook's TOS by abusing its reporting system and defrauding Facebook users of valid content.

Here's what you can do.

Join our e-mail activist list by submitting the form in the right column. Then, when our Facebook page is attacked by a hater, we will notify some of our activists. We will send them the deleted content and ask them to post it on their Facebook pages and time lines.

By joining our e-mail activist list you are helping secure free speech and assisting Facebook in detecting those who fraudulently abuse the site's Terms of Service.

Please report typos...

Below is the video that was blocked. 
Click here ► to download the video to your computer,
then upload it to your Facebook timeline or page

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  1. Other websites limit how many times an IP address can flag, vote up or down, participate in surveys, etcetera, so why can't Facebook? I thought they had some of the best coders in the world working for them?