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July 18, 2015 -- One of three individuals accused of murdering a Virginia retailer entered a guilty plea this week.

Naomi Nichelle Lambert, 23, admitted to killing 82-year-old Donald Carter in October of last year.

Carter had been a productive business owner in Suffolk for decades. He was gunned down while being accosted by three black thugs attempting to rob him in a parking lot near his furniture store.

• Privilege white liberals pretend white Americans oppress blacks, locking them out of economic parity. In reality there are an estimated 35,000 black millionaires in the nation, proving that race is no barrier to economic success.

Intelligence and other innate skills are primary contributors to prosperity.

The infamous Bell Curve demonstrated that blacks fall behind whites economically because the trail white intelligently. Studies also confirm that East Asians in America tend to earn more than whites. Higher intelligence is the primary reason for the disparity.

Nonetheless, cultural Marxism continues to prey on black Americans, convincing them they are oppressed due to white privilege and racism. Many whites also attribute economic disparities to racism.

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One of three defendants accused in the shooting death of longtime downtown furniture store owner Donald Carter has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

As part of her plea Wednesday, Naomi Nichelle Lambert, 23, also admitted guilt on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery and two counts of using a firearm in a felony, according to court documents.

Carter, 82, was shot and killed Sept. 22 in a parking lot across the street from Carter's Quality Furniture, and next door to Carter's Warehouse and Showroom on East Washington Street. He had been a purveyor of fine furnishings for more than 55 years, according to a Virginian-Pilot story published the day after his death.

Court testimony and documents cited in The Pilot last December revealed that Carter had spent part of the evening with Lambert and another woman inside Carter's Warehouse and Showroom. Lambert used Carter's office phone inside the business to set up a robbery that turned fatal.

Two others - Katron S. Walker and Leon Jerome Hayes - are also facing charges in Carter's death, including first-degree murder. A jury trial for Walker is scheduled to begin Oct. 13, according to court documents, while Hayes' jury trial is set to start Nov. 30.

Lambert had originally been charged with first-degree murder. Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Will H. Jamerson said the plea agreement to the lesser second-degree offense holds Lambert accountable for her role in setting up the robbery that resulted in Carter's death and ensures that she is punished for a murder conviction.

Lambert's sentencing is set for Nov.?20. She faces up to 68 years in prison, Jamerson said.

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