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July 29, 2015 -- The victim of carjackers died six days after he was attacked in Mbombela, South Africa.

News reports say Ben van Wyk was a Good Samaritan who stopped to give a stranger a ride. Van Wyk was unaware that two others were awaiting to ambush him. He was dragged from his vehicle and dragged into nearby bushes where he was stabbed and beaten.

The thieves stole the victim's cellphone and wallet, then tortured him for the pin number to his bank card.

The crime was reported July 14, 2015.

• Violent black-on-white crime goes largely unreported from South Africa.

The nation was founded when Dutch settlers arrived on the southern tip of the Africa. The area was virtually uninhabited. However, as Europeans brought advanced culture to the Dark Continent, they were overwhelmed by sub-Saharan Africans desiring to improve their lives.

Revisionists lead us to believe that South Africa was stolen from black natives when, in reality, the region was developed by Europeans who introduced natives to modern technology, including advance health care.

In the early 19th century the inland area was dominated by the Zulu chief Shaka who gained control by slaughtering thousands of competing black Africans.

The Europeans ended inter-tribal slaughters and introduced blacks to the concept of literacy.

B.P. Mngadi for UNESCO's World Languages Report (2000) offers the following overview of the literacy effort:

"The writing of Zulu was started by missionaries in the then Natal. The names J W Colenso, S B Stone, H Callaway and Lewis Grant are among the prominent. They taught the first people with whom they made contact, spreading the word of God, basic writing skills in Zulu. Magema Fuze, Ndiyane and William were among the very first who were taught communicative English and basic writing skills at about 1830-1841. The first Zulu Christian booklet was produced by Newton Adams, George Newton and Aldin Grout (1837-8) titled "Incwadi Yokuqala Yabafundayo" which dealt with spelling of Zulu words and the history of the Old Testament. Between 1845 and 1883, the first translated version of the Bible was produced in very old Zulu orthography. In 1859 the first Zulu Grammar Book by L. Grout was produced".

The first Zulu novel wasn't published until 1930.

The death of van Wyk and thousands of other white South Africans in recent years attest to the struggle to overcome generations of savagery.

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The victim of the hijacking, Mr Ben Van Wyk (53), died in Rob Ferreira Hospital on Friday night after having suffered extensive injuries during the attack the previous Saturday.

According to Mr Marius Jacobs, a relative of Van Wyk, he had stopped at the second traffic circle on that road that morning, apparently to buy something from a roadside vendor. Another family member, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that Van Wyk had been on his way to Brondal. He said that a man had been standing next to the road, indicating to Van Wyk that he wanted a lift.

“When van Wyk stopped, two other men suddenly appeared from the bushes and overpowered him,” the family member said. Van Wyk was forcefully removed from his bakkie and dragged into the bushes where he was severely assaulted.

“It was brutal. He was stabbed with a sharp object, kicked in the face and hit,” Jacobs said. The second family member said the suspects took Van Wyk’s cellphone and wallet and discovered a bank card inside.

“They tortured him for the pin number,” Jacobs added. Once they had this, they left Van Wyk for dead and went to the city with his bakkie to withdraw cash. “He gave them the wrong number and when they couldn’t withdraw money, they returned to the scene,” Jacobs continued.

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