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July 3, 2015 -- Nearly $48-billion dollars was donated to Africa in 2014, compliments of American taxpayers and our progeny.

Mexico received $971-million, nearly twice the contribution made in 2013 -- a drop in the bucket to Carlos Slim Helú.

Israel tops the list at $6.2-billion, nearly twice the 2013 contribution.

South Africa's corrupt government got over $1.4-billion of our dollars.

Why is $702-million going to China?

It seems Western Europe nations (including Australia) are the only countries able to survive without our help.

Total worldwide payout was almost $106 billion.

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

List of countries by foreign aid received

A map of official development assistance distribution in 2005.
Foreign aid received in millions of US dollars
Asia Afghanistan6,725.06,884.7
Europe Albania341.6350.7
Africa Algeria144.5190.2
Africa Angola242.3194.2
Americas Antigua & Barbuda2.315.3
Americas Argentina178.986.9
Europe Armenia272.7400.1
Europe Azerbaijan337.6286.4
Asia Bangladesh2,152.01,490.0
Europe Belarus103.2125.8
Americas Belize25.122.5
Africa Benin511.3690.2
Asia Bhutan161.2142.4
Americas Bolivia658.6721.8
Europe Bosnia-Herzegovina571.1625.4
Africa Botswana73.8120.1
Americas Brazil1,288.2815.4
Africa Burkina Faso1,158.5995.1
Africa Burundi522.7574.8
Asia Cambodia807.4790.9
Africa Cameroon596.2611.8
Africa Cape Verde246.1252.1
Africa Central African Republic227.2268.7
Africa Chad478.5460.1
Americas Chile125.5163.9
Asia China194.1702.8
Americas Colombia764.41,017.6
Africa Comoros68.651.8
Africa Congo, Dem. Rep.2,859.35,534.4
Africa Congo, Rep.138.6259.7
Americas Costa Rica32.740.3
Africa Côte d'Ivoire2,635.61,436.0
Americas Cuba87.886.8
Africa Djibouti146.5141.7
Americas Dominica25.624.5
Americas Dominican Republic261.3225.3
Americas Ecuador149.4158.8
Africa Egypt1,806.61,414.4
Americas El Salvador230.4285.9
Africa Equatorial Guinea14.224.3
Africa Eritrea133.7129.9
Africa Ethiopia3,261.33,539.4
Oceania Fiji107.378.9
Africa Gabon73.272.5
Africa Gambia138.8135.1
Europe Georgia662.2585.7
Africa Ghana1,807.91,810.2
Americas Grenada7.612.2
Americas Guatemala299.4387.9
Africa Guinea339.6204.4
Africa Guinea-Bissau78.8119.6
Americas Guyana114.4158.7
Americas Haiti1,275.11,710.1
Americas Honduras571.5620.4
Asia India1,667.63,228.2
Asia Indonesia67.8419.2
Middle East Iran148.8100.9
Middle East Iraq1,300.71,908.0
Middle East Israel3,300.06,200.0
Americas Jamaica21.040.2
Middle East Jordan1,416.9978.9
Asia Kazakhstan129.6215.5
Africa Kenya2,654.02,482.4
Oceania Kiribati64.663.9
Asia North Korea98.1118.5
Europe Kosovo567.6657.0
Asia Kyrgyzstan472.9525.0
Asia Laos408.9392.4
Middle East Lebanon710.2473.6
Africa Lesotho282.6264.7
Africa Liberia570.9764.8
Africa Libya87.0642.1
Europe Macedonia148.9194.9
Africa Madagascar378.6443.2
Africa Malawi1,174.6799.6
Asia Malaysia15.332.1
Asia Maldives58.044.7
Africa Mali1,001.31,280.6
Oceania Marshall Islands76.082.5
Africa Mauritania408.3382.2
Africa Mauritius177.8185.3
Americas Mexico417.8971.3
Oceania Micronesia, Federated States of115.0134.1
Europe Moldova473.0464.0
Asia Mongolia448.7350.6
Europe Montenegro103.2125.7
Africa Morocco1,480.31,455.6
Africa Mozambique2,096.92,084.9
Asia Myanmar504.0374.2
Africa Namibia264.8290.6
Asia   Nepal769.7884.7
Americas Nicaragua532.3694.2
Africa Niger901.8649.5
Africa Nigeria1,915.81,768.5
Asia Pakistan2,019.03,507.5
Oceania Palau15.028.2
Middle East Palestine2,001.32,441.9
Americas Panama50.7111.3
Asia Papua New Guinea664.8610.9
Americas Paraguay104.494.2
Americas Peru393.8604.8
Africa Rwanda878.91,264.0
Oceania Samoa120.697.8
Africa São Tomé and Príncipe48.772.3
Africa Senegal1,080.11,060.0
Europe Serbia1,089.81,379.2
Africa Seychelles35.322.1
Africa Sierra Leone442.8425.3
Oceania Solomon Islands304.9334.0
Africa Somalia998.61,095.6
Africa South Africa1,067.11,403.1
Africa South Sudan1,578.01,088.0
Asia Sri Lanka487.5607.5
Americas St. Kitts & Nevis21.916.0
Americas St. Lucia26.835.3
Americas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines8.517.8
Africa Sudan983.21,123.5
Americas Suriname39.690.5
Africa Swaziland88.1124.9
Middle East Syria1,671.5335.1
Asia Tajikistan393.9347.5
Africa Tanzania2,831.82,445.7
Asia Timor-Leste283.0279.2
Africa Togo241.4542.7
Oceania Tonga78.293.7
Africa Tunisia1,017.0921.0
Europe Turkey3,033.13,188.9
Asia Turkmenistan38.038.6
Oceania Tuvalu24.438.8
Africa Uganda1,655.11,577.8
Europe Ukraine769.2807.2
Americas Uruguay19.319.4
Asia Uzbekistan255.2203.1
Oceania Vanuatu101.492.1
Americas Venezuela48.144.8
Asia Vietnam4,115.73,595.5
Middle East Yemen709.3476.1
Africa Zambia957.71,035.0
Africa Zimbabwe1,001.2715.6
MIDDLE EAST[TOTAL]11,258.712.914.5

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