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July 25, 2015 -- A Rutgers University professor has found a pathway to minor celebrity: She attacks white people.

Brittney Cooper's delusional musings include the contention that all black people are "one police encounter from the grave." Furthermore, she insists that all white people constitute "the face of the oppressor."

Why are you not surprised?

Because you read

We repeatedly make the point that cultural Marxism is comprised of three components: (1) The oppressing bourgeois (white people), (2) the oppressed proletariat (people of color), and (3) the elitists who -- by virtue of some esoteric illumination have the insight to sort it all out.

The (3) elitists love to self-identify with (2) the oppressed proletariat, giving them an emotional bonding that evokes trust.

The crack in Cooper's pot can be found in the fact that she prefers to live in the midst of the racist white bourgeois. While she may be one police encounter away from the grave, she is also one plane ticket away from Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Malawi, Niger, Madagascar, Mali, Haiti, Detroit, or any other region impoverished by the absence of Western culture.

Let my ask you a question for the express purpose of evoking a specific response. Now, I have to warn you: This is a test to determine if you have been sufficiently brainwashed; if your mind has been infected with the cultural Marxism virus.

The question, which comes in the form of a counter positive, is this:

Had black people had no contact with Western or Eastern culture and had been totally isolated for the past 5,000 years -- what would their standard of living be like today?

More simply stated, What was the standard of living in sub-Saharan Africa before David Livingstone made his trek into Africa in the 1850s?

If the first thought that came to your mind was, "That's racist!" -- then congratulations. Your mind has been swept clean and your rational thinking has been displaced by cultural Marxism.

On the other hand, if your answer was, "Black people would be living in grass huts, living a paleolithic existence of hunting and gathering, while the more advanced among them were herders who bathe their babies in cow urine," you would be a rational thinker.

But I can't say that because, if I do, I will now and forever be condemned as a racist when, in reality, I am an objective and honest thinker.

To Professor Cooper I would say, "Look around you! Take notice of the technological advancements that have enhanced your life and the lives of countless millions of black people worldwide, even those living in abject poverty."

I would say, "Ask yourself, Professor: Do you really want to revert back to a paleolithic existence? Is that what you truly want for black people worldwide? Have you ever considered why countless thousands of black Africans are risking their lives to come to Europe? Have you wondered why no one -- regardless of race -- is fleeing to Africa?"

One more thing before we go...

Let's play the game, "Guess the weight of Professor Cooper."

Please report typos...

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  1. My very first thought: " I guarantee she lives in all white neighborhood"... How These liberals act is textbook