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July 26, 2015 -- Racism is a terrible thing. There are no exceptions.

Unlike most conservatives, however, I don't shy away from condemning all racism, including black-on-white bigotry.

That brings us to the Rutgers University professor that stereotyped all white people as the "face of evil," then had the audacity to complain about the prospect of blacks being one police encounter away from the grave.

My reaction?

Anti-white bigots fall into the same category as all haters. It is absurd to dislike another human being -- let alone hate others -- due to their genetics.

They need to be called out; not given special privilege.

On today's broadcast we explore the hypocrisy of black-on-white racism, we challenge the absurdities of the anti-family movement, and we demand that any conversation about race must include all perspectives, something cuckservatives avoid.

Here's this week's broadcast.

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