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July 30, 2015 -- A teen girl was brutally attacked by a mob at a Louisiana gas station last week.

Security videos reveal the attackers were black and that the attack was unprovoked.

While the victim's boyfriend was in the store, the mob slammed the girl in the face as she sat in her vehicle.

• White-on-black mob attacks only occur in Hollywood movies and revisionist history. In the real world such attacks are almost always black thugs attacking non-blacks.

These attacks occur frequently.

Black packs nearly always attack vulnerable victims. The generations-old phenomenon of black pack attacks continues to be ignored by the mainstream Marxist media. is an anti-racist website that fills the 'gaps' ignored by the media.

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A local teenager, Jessica Byrnes-Laird, has at least ten broken teeth and too many stitches to count after a routine trip to the gas station turned violent. Byrnes-Laird says she was attacked with a brass pipe while parked at the A & Y Quick Stop in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood Sunday night.

Still wearing her bikini after a day spent swimming, Byrnes-Laird said a group of men approached her car while her boyfriend  was inside buying cigarettes. When he heard about their reported lewd comments, Byrnes-Laird's boyfriend fought the men before getting behind the wheel to leave. That's when they say someone -- just off-camera -- took a brass pipe, and threw it through the open passenger window, smashing Jessica in the face.

Still dealing with the physical pain, the emotional damage can be just as bad.

"There's a little bit of fear, honestly, because going through this make you realize how delicate life is, and you never know what can happen," Byrnes-Laird said. "Things happen so suddenly, without warning."

SPD is examining this surveillance video and asking anyone with information to come forward.

"That information in invaluable many times in helping to ID suspects and to actually get a unbiased view of what actually took place in many cases," Cpl. Marcus Hines said.

Related link: Surveillance video of the A&Y Quick Stop incident - July 26, 2015

While Jessica will never forget the night that she spent pacing in a convenience store parking lot with her hands covering a bleeding broken mouth, she says the support from her boyfriend, his family, and even strangers is encouraging.

"All the support that's been shown towards me, I'm so extremely thankful," Byrnes-Laird said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to benefit Byrnes-Laird's dental bills.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. Never, ever, stop at any place with a lot of blacks around, and any place named after MLK is ground zero to not go, especially at night.