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July 2, 2015 -- A black church in Denver, Colorado found racist messages posted nearby.

Police arrested the individual they believe is the culprit behind the signs: He's a 44-year-old black guy named Vincent Broughton.

Had he posted racist signs near a white church there would likely have been no investigation.

• The greatest 'hate-crime hoax' in America is categorically stigmatizing white people as "racist" and accusing them of "white privilege."

In reality white people remain the most benevolent race, having enhanced the lives of all humanity through innovation including the invention of electric lights, automobiles, healthcare advancements, etc.

Bear in mind that WHITE PEOPLE ended legal chattel slavery!

Note also that black Africans are fleeing their homelands to live among white people! What black person would voluntarily leave a society that is enhanced by white innovation? Answer: None!

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The signs were posted outside the New Covenant church that is predominately attended by African Americans. One sign references the KKK. Another reads, “Black men beware, you are the target.”

The messages had the congregation on edge.

“We locked our doors this morning, so we were inside, but it shouldn’t be that way. You shouldn’t have to lock your doors in the church, it’s just… I’m speechless,” said Pastor Roland Joyner.

Police said Broughton admitted to posting the flyers but did not explain why he targeted the church.

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