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July 21, 2015 -- Ever wonder why white people move out when black people move in?

Ever wonder why privileged white liberals refuse to move to black neighborhoods?

Have a look at this video below.

A black woman gets mouthy with a white neighbor; says she wants her 40 acres and a mule, then rambles on for another ten minutes of hatred, spouting nonsense that smacks of a person whose brain has been infected with the cultural Marxism virus.

Black Americans are TAUGHT to hate white people by the entertainment industry, the news media, and the nation's education system.

• Never are blacks taught to appreciate the advanced technology that enhances their lives; technology invented by white people that they willfully share with the world.

Never are blacks taught that white people ended legal chattel slavery after 5,000> years of human civilization.

Seldom are black taught that slavery in America was the direct result of black African slave traders providing 'stock' to European buyers.

• Note the white guy keeps his cool and his camera running.

The black female informs the white guy that he should fear him, but she's backed up by her refrigerator-sized son.

• In the second video, the victim explains what happened. He's says he wants out of his lease so he can move away from such virulent hatred.

The Obama administration, however, announced new rules this month that will effectively force white people to endure hate-filled black racist neighbors.

Using HUD (Housing and Urban Development) as its enforcer and backed by a distortion of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, Obama plans to take integration to your zip code. Literally.

The Los Angeles Times explains why this nasty b-word should be your neighbor:

"A ZIP Code should never prevent any person from reaching their aspirations," Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro said in announcing the regulations.
The rules, another instance of the Obama administration using its executive power to take on an entrenched issue, clarify how grant recipients must meet a standard that was set in the Fair Housing Act of 1968 — but has been inconsistently enforced.
White-privileged liberals who believe they can escape black hate by isolating themselves in insular Jim Crow neighborhoods are in for a shock: Black hate is coming to you by mandate of the first black president you helped elect.

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