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July 7, 2015 -- An individual who apparently hates Southern culture displayed his ignorance of history and gullibility to the mainstream Marxist media's propaganda by ripping a Confederate flag decal from a moving 18-wheeler ... in traffic.

The crime was video recorded and posted on Instagram.

Comments on the Instragram page largely reflect disappointment in the bigot's illegal actions. Apologists for the crime revert to using the pejorative "racist" and little more.

A left-wing extremist web site called the bigot a "hero."

Comments we read include:

• these ignorant people need to stop trying to mess with an emblem of history. I bet this guy has no idea what the flag means

• That flag has been flying for how long??? All of a sudden everyone is all butthurt acting like they were slaves

• You need to look up the word hero... Then look up the word thief... You dumb f**ks!

• This is pathetic, stupid uneducated worthless scumbags. All of you that think the flag is racist should kill themselves

Shortly thereafter another group of ignorant bigots -- members of the South Carolina Senate -- voted to rip the Confederate flag its rightful place at the state's capitol.

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  1. Too bad no one smashed into him while he was vandalizing the truck. Liberals will excuse any crime that fits their agenda.