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July 8, 2015 -- Quite frankly I'd never heard of her until the story emerged on TMZ.

That, I presume, is because Nickelodeon failed the vetting process of my most watched cable TV networks.

Wikipedia, however, brings us to speed. Ariana Grande is pop singer with a short list of stage and television credits, not to mention a recording contract with Republic Records.

Superfluous airheads who live their lives vicariously through entertainers are more likely to be familiar with the 22 year old.

They would be attuned to who she is and with whom she is with. They would know that the young pop star was recently captured on a security camera at a donut shop where she was recorded trash talking America.

I'd like to blame her ignorance on her youth but recall when I was her age my gratitude for our nation and its free-market economy was never questioned.

Not one to cave into conspiracy theories, I can't bring myself to believe the scenario was a public relations stunt. After all, the America-bashing pop star is also a vociferous supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Surely she wouldn't be that stupid..

Would she?

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  1. The photo-shop world loves this little go getter. Some very excellent work on google images if you search the right string of words.

  2. I hear she's even more comfortable licking black male appendages....