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July 7, 2015 -- There's a little known law on the books that states, "If a white woman at a bar in Tallahassee, Florida asks a black male to back off, the black male may punch the white woman upside the head, providing he afterwards a) accuses her of using the 'n' word, b) apologizes, c) claims the woman initiated the confrontation and, b) plays quarterback at Florida State."

That law is so little known that no one has actually seen it, no one knows if it is a federal, state, or local law, or if it exists anywhere outside the blind minds of privileged white people who would be screaming 'racism' across the width and breadth  of cable news networks from now 'til the end of time had a white quarterback punched a black woman.

Of course, the only place white men punch black women is in Hollywood.

According to

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Florida State QB De'Andre Johnson claims the woman he struck in a Tallahassee bar fight called him the N-word before things got violent ... this according to Johnson's rep.

We're told ... Johnson is adamant the woman dropped the N-bomb when Johnson initially bumped into her at the bar ... saying, "Get off me you f**king n**ger."

Johnson's rep says there are witnesses at the bar who also claim they heard the racial slur ... and they're willing to testify in court.

As we previously reported, Johnson says he's "extremely embarrassed" about the situation and has apologized for punching the woman in the face ... while maintaining that SHE was the initial aggressor.

We reached out to the woman and her family members several times for comment -- but got nothing ... except one family member told us he would not comment and hung up. 

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  1. It's irrelevant whether she called him any names or not. If a child or someone weaker than you antagonizes you, a Man would set the example and rise above it. Not lash out. And any Man that would lash out at a women like that, is a worm. Not to be sexist but I'd tote an ass whipping before I'd ever hit a woman like that. I guess he was in fear of his life.

    And note for said douchebag. " look in the mirror punk. That waste of flesh is you, you can't lie to it. You wake up with it and acting like that will eventually eat you. Your an evil hateful waste of the opportunity to live. You are failing all God's tests. Karma gon kick your ass boy."

  2. He probably thinks that is acceptable behaviour because they treat their women like that,only theirs hit back like men so he picked a White girl.

  3. In the White culture it is unacceptable for a man to hit a woman.

  4. Lt. Greyman, NVAJuly 10, 2015 at 9:42 AM

    Africans in America get a pass on violence against everyone, because everyone knows they are violent. This wouldn't be happening if Whites had a Country of our own.

  5. Beating women is another form of negro foreplay.