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July 18, 2015  -- Margaret Wheatley, 99, was immersed in scalding water because her healthcare worker was in a bad mood.

Niphawan Berry, 42, is accused of the crime that was covered up by the owners of the center, news sources say.

Owners Meghadeven and Indranee Pumbien were also charged in the crime. Reports say the couple delayed proper medical treatment by nearly two weeks.

The crime occurred in Lostock Hall, Preston, about 20 miles northwest of Manchester, England. It was reported July 15, 2015.

• Britain prides itself on its National Healthcare Service (NHS) and also prides itself on permitting hordes of migrants to invade the nation. The two -- healthcare and non-white migrants -- don't appear to be compatible. Immigrants who don't share Western moral values and respect of life should not be allowed to migrate.

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A 99-year-old with dementia was immersed in a scalding hot bath by a female care assistant who had been in 'a bad mood', a jury has heard.
Niphawan Berry, 42, is accused of bathing Margaret Wheatley in water of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Her former employers Meghadeven and Indranee Pumbien, aged 64 and 59  are said to have tried to cover up the scalds as an infection and delayed proper medical treatment by nearly two weeks.

All three defendants face a combined total of 19 offences, including the ill-treatment and willful neglect of elderly and vulnerable people, which they deny.

Opening the case at Preston Crown Court, prosecutor Francis McIntee told the jury: 'The evidence in this case will reveal the ill-treatment and willful neglect of the elderly and vulnerable.

'We say that this is a case concerning ill-treatment and wilful neglect by those specifically entrusted with the care of the elderly and vulnerable.'

The case is said to involve eight elderly residents, three men and five women, who were subjected to ill-treatment and wilful neglect at the former Briarwood Rest Home in Lostock Hall, Preston, between April 2013 and June 2014.

The jury were told how on May 11 last year, another carer began to run a bath for Mrs Wheatley, before Berry took over.

Mr McIntee said: 'She had run a bath for Margaret Wheatley who was in the care of Berry.

'She returned to find the hot water in the bath was really quite deep and too hot for her to put her hand in to pull the plug out.

'She went about her duties but heard Mrs Wheatley scream twice.'

The court heard how residents' screaming was not uncommon at the home as they often dealt with residents who had complex needs such as dementia, but that detailed care plans would be supplied when a new resident moved into the home.

But Mr McIntee told the jury that later that day, the same carer received a phone call from boss Indranee Pumbien who asked who had bathed Mrs Wheatley.
It emerged that the elderly lady had two 'golf-ball sized' blisters between the cheeks of her bottom.

Mr McIntee also described how when Mrs Wheatley's slippers were removed, they were noted to be 'sodden', from fluid that had leaked from blisters on her feet.

'Anyone seeing those injuries particularly in a 99-year-old woman must have been driven to seek immediate medical attention,' said the prosecutor.

However, rather than seek medical attention, Pumbien was allegedly overheard suggesting the blisters should be popped to make the injuries to her legs look like cellulitis, an infection of the skin.

It was not until 11 days after she was originally scalded that Mrs Wheatley eventually received adequate medical treatment, the court heard.

The jury was told that a plastic surgeon said Mrs Wheatley's injuries were consistent with being placed in hot water of between 46 to 50 degrees for between one to five minutes.

Indranee Pumbien was described to the court as a 'bully', who allegedly shouted at patients, and called Mrs Wheatley 'an animal', while telling her she deserved to be treated like one.

She also repeatedly force-fed patients, it's alleged, and ignored their requirements for extra help as many lost the ability to swallow.

On one occasion, it's alleged that while looking after a woman with excess phlegm, Pumbien allegedly forced her fingers down the lady's throat until she was sick before feeding her with a 'large metal spoon'.

She also stands accused of tearing up sandwiches and trying to feed them to a woman with no teeth.

The lady was later found to have bruising to hear lips, which is alleged to be as a result of being force-fed.

Indranee Pumbien is also accused of pushing a gentleman off his feet and back into a wheelchair.

He later moved out of the care home as his condition deteriorated, but will be giving live video evidence from his new home later in the trial.

The couple are also accused of running the home, which could house 20 residents, while it was 'ill-equipped to provide the necessary levels of care and support to residents' - namely their alleged failure to provide appropriate lifting equipment or to train their staff.

Instead care home staff said they were forced to 'drag-lift' patients and often equipment was left covered in faeces.

The care home was closed down after the allegations came to light, and is now operating under new management.

Mrs Pumbien and her husband, co-owner Meghadeven Pumbien, 64, deny two counts of neglect and one count of ill-treatment.

Mrs Pumbien faces 12 additional charges of ill-treatment , while the couple, of Grosvenor Place, Preston, are also accused of intending to pervert the course of public justice by asking employees to provide false accounts to the police.

Berry, 42, of Christ Church Street, Preston, is charged with one count of inflicting grievous bodily harm and two counts of ill-treatment.

All three defendants deny the offences said to have been committed between April 2013 and June 2014. 

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