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July 19, 2015 -- John Hester Sr was shot to death at the end of his driveway in Norman Park, Georgia.

Seven black teens have arrested in the crime.

Three of the seven teens were members of last year’s Colquitt County Packers state champion football team.

Authorities say Hester, 68, was shot as he confronted the teens after his home had been burglarized. Stolen were electronics and firearms. The gun used to kill Hester was taken during the burglary.

The crime was committed July 6, 2015.

• Village-raised feral black teens tend to run in packs. refers to these as 'black packs.'

Often they are the offspring of welfare-dependent mothers and random fathers. They are fed and bed in homes where they are treated more like auxiliary pets than children. Their mothers avoid jail by doing little more than feed them and give the a place to sleep. The kids are turned loose to run the neighborhood. Like feral dogs they form packs, usually with a hierarchy of dominance.

The phenomenon is trans-generational and is observed across the nation. That is why we frequently report black-on-white crimes that are committed by black packs.

Social engineers ignore the black pack phenomenon because it contradicts the cultural Marxist myth that blacks are the victims (proletariat) of white oppression (bourgeois).

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Law enforcement officials say that a gun taken in a July 5 burglary of a residence is the suspected weapon used in a slaying that night of a Norman Park man.

Six teenagers participated in the burglary and were joined by a seventh at the time John Hester Sr. was shot at the end of the driveway of his 353 Hwy. 256 residence, according to information released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.

Three of the seven teenagers arrested were members of last year’s Colquitt County Packers state champion football team. One of those three was a standout player who would have been a starting running back this year.

In a news release, the agency released the names of the six accused in the burglary that occurred July 5 in the 100 block of Lonnie Brookard Road. Those six teenagers and a seventh teen also have been charged in the killing of Hester.

Hester, 68, was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center after being shot after he apparently confronted the teens and exchanged gunfire at about 11 p.m. He was later transferred to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, where he died at about 10 a.m. on July 6.

Family members told police they found Hester, who had been shot outside his residence. The initial call to the Colquitt County 911 Center was made at 11:56 p.m.

The six charged in the burglary were arrested as part of an unrelated investigation conducted by the Norman Park Police Department and Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, the GBI said in its Thursday news release.

“Firearms and electronics were taken from the residence.  Law enforcement officers believe that a firearm taken during the burglary was used in the shooting of John Hester,” the release said.

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