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July 5, 2015 -- A 52-year-old man was attacked without provocation in La Mesa, Calif. last month.

The assault was captured by security video.

The victim had just disembarked from a trolley when one of a pack of black males rushed him from behind, knocked him to the pavement, and began pounding him. The attack is reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin assault of George Zimmerman in 2012, except the unnamed La Mesa victim had no way to defend himself.

• Such black-on-white attacks are common and have been for generations. Few are captured on video.

The proliferation of video devices and the advent of the Internet have proved to be the bane of cultural Marxism propaganda.

Once uploaded to the Internet the videos graphically illustrate that the predatory left's false narrative that blacks are/were the perennial victims of white violence. It's the exact opposite of reality: Whites have been the perennial victims of black violence. Even Abraham Lincoln recalled being attacked at the age of 19 by a pack of seven black thugs in his autobiography.

• Beginning in June, 2015, we noticed a significant decrease in video uploads of black-on-white attacks and other episodes of ratchet behavior. Our conclusion is that Internet venues have embarked upon a concerted effort to censor reality.

◄ This video, for example, is so disgusting, even we won't upload it. It does, however, graphically demonstrate the divergence of Hollywood's presentation of black culture from reality.

If you dare to watch it -- and we strongly suggest you don't -- keep in mind this is the individual white people are attempted not to offend by hoisting the Confederate flag.

Click here if you dare to watch.

• A news report claims that "Police do not know why the victim was targeted."

Had the victim been black and the attacker white the police would know exactly why the victim was targeted. However, white-on-black attacks rarely occur outside Hollywood.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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