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July 12, 2015 -- Four black males were arrested and charged with beating a white man to death. Authorities say the motive was robbery.

The crime occurred in Wadesboro, North Carolina. The population of the small town is about 61 percent black and about 36 percent white.

The crime apparently occurred in broad daylight; between 1 pm and 2 pm. No one immediately called authorities leaving the victim's corpse to be reported after the attackers had fled.

The victim was identified as 53-year-old Phillip Burgess.

The arrests were reported July 11, 2015.

• 52.2 percent of homicides in America were committed by blacks, nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the population.

After years of repeating black crime statistics, they are
finally being acknowledged by the mainstream media.
After years of repeating the above statistics we were pleased to learn that Fox News finally reported them on national cable television. Never underestimate the influence of 'keyboard commandos'.

• Police did not explain why four feral youths needed to kill a man to rob him; only suggesting the victim was responsible for his own murder because he fought back when attacked. Our presumption is the beating death was for sport.

• The murder explains why privileged white liberals refuse to relocate in black neighborhoods where they can redistribute their privilege and alleviate the poverty that causes young black feral thugs who run in packs to assault helpless.

• According to revisionists historians, America's past is blotted with senseless white-on-black murders, similar to the one in this report with the races reversed. Revisionists must retrieve their allegations from far in the nation's past where the crime cannot be documented leaving us to believe that white-on-black violence has been virtually non-existent except for self defense.

• The violent death of Burgess underscores the importance of fighting Obama's agenda to force-integrate every white neighborhood in the country, forcing white Americans to endure black violence. Those who oppose will be stereotyped as racist, white supremacists, and other nonsensical pejoratives.

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Four men were arrested and accused of beating a man to death and leaving his body in a parking lot.

One suspect made the bold move to appear on the air just hours after the attack on Phillip Burgess, investigators said.
Demetrian Teal described the area to Channel 9 Tuesday.

VIDEO: Reporter Blake Hanson interviews Teal hours after homicide was reported 

“I mean you really don't catch people walking through this area, you barely see them walking through during the day,” Teal said Tuesday.
PHOTOS: Man's body found in Wadesboro

Teal, 19, James Henderson, 19, Quentin Teal, 22 and Reginald Jenkins, 19, beat Burgess around midnight Tuesday and left his body on the side of the U.S. Highway 74 in Wadesboro, police said.  A passerby called 911 and authorities closed the road for hours during the investigation.

 RAW 911 CALL: Anson County suspicious death

“The motive was robbery,” Wadesboro Police Chief Thedis Spencer said. “They were attempting to rob the victim and the victim attempted to fight back and in the process he was killed.

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