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July 3, 2015 -- The ongoing terror attacks against white South African farmers goes unabated and unreported by the international media.

Spokesmen for the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) in South Africa revealed there have been 116 farm attacks in South Africa year-to-date, 27 of those attacks included murders.

That would be the equivalent of 1,654 white farmer murders in the United States by black since January, or about 3,300 per year; an obvious epidemic of genocidal proportions.

• Farming in South Africa is considered one of the world's most dangerous occupations due to the vulnerability of white farmers, the government's opposition to allowing armed militias to protect their property, and the ineptness of police to deal effectively with violence against farmers.

Virtually all of the farm murders have been black on white.

South Africa was settle by Dutch and English colonist when the area was sparsely population. As civilization yielded a higher living standard than ever before experienced in sub-Saharan Africa, waves of black migrants flooded the area.

In 1994 the nation was forced by the international community to abandon apartheid and adopt democracy, allowing the black majority to control the government. Since then the economy has suffered dramatically as blacks, white, Indians, coloreds, and other people groups suffer a sustained spike in violent crime.

South Africa, once an African haven for whites, blacks, and others, is now among the most violent nations on earth.

• The predatory left imposes a mind-control scheme to convince us to self-censor such statistics. It convinces us that entertaining thoughts of black-on-white crime somehow constitute white racism. Tragically, man of us allow the predatory left to 'get inside our heads' and tamper with our thinking processes. Imagine, for example the outrage had 27 black farmers been murdered by whites.

• Cultural Marxism blends vague illusions with distorted facts to create a false reality in which black South Africans were displaced by white colonists and oppressed. In reality the arrival a European colonists to south Africa introduced a technologically advanced culture that ended millenia-long dark ages in which blacks lived a perpetual paleolithic existence.

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