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July 16, 2015 -- In a brutal black-on-white murder that evokes memories of the death of James Byrd in 1998, a 23-year-old white man was dragged to death by a black male driving a small pick-up truck.

News reports say Jared Lomas was grabbed by the collar as he left work at an Oyster Festival in the town of Knysna, South Africa.

The attacker drove his bakkie past Lomas as he was walking to his car with a group of friends. Lomas was dragged along side the truck and died from the injuries sustained during the attack.

The victim's father was unaware of the attack or that his son was hospitalized when he was alerted that the college student had been murdered.

Unlike the death of James Byrd, the murder of Jared Lomas has been ignored by the international media.

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Hatecrime Murder: white student Jared Lomas dies after man drags him with his bakkie: Knysna

White student Jared Lomas, who worked his way through university and was working at the Oyster Festival, was confronted by an angry man after he left work
grabbed Lomas by his collar and dragged the student alongside his bakkie.

"Die Burger' journalists Eugene Gunning and Jackie Kruger report on Wednesday 15 July 2015 that the student's father Lloyd got a call from the Knysna hospital on Sunday-morning,
informing him that his son had died from the injuries sustained in the attack. The man was arrested but the case is still being investigated. He has not
yet been arraigned at the magistrate's court for his murder.

Lomas was walking with a group of friends to their car to take them back home when the deadly attack occurred.

A man in a bakkie drove past the group of whites and 'an exchange of words' took place.

The father wasn't aware that his son was even in hospital and immediately called one of his friends, Dylan,
to find out what had happened. Jared was a part time student, studying for a B-com degree in financial management.

His mother Aurelia died when he was six years old. His stepmother Gillian and the murdered young man are very cose to each other, said his father.

Lloyd Lomas identified his son's body at the morgue and spoke to the police about the murder.

His girlfriend Retha Smit said she has known him three and a half years.

"It's a big shock. Jared was planning to return home to Cape Town from Knysna on Sunday.

His stepmother called me at around 03h00 while I was asleep,' she said.

Jared's granddad Bernard Lomas said that his grandson wasn't a troublemaker, and that this was 'something the family never expected. Jared was
full of love and a friendly fellow.\'

Jared is survived by his grandfather, his father and stepmother and two brothers, Christopher Olivier en Stawros Pastellides; and
two sisters Danni Lomas en Megan Mombela.

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