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July 15, 2015 -- Jacob Pushisnky, 18, was shot dead after refusing to surrender his bicycle to 14-year-old Derrys Sanders Jr., news reports say.

Pushisnky was shot dead in broad daylight as he was riding his bike with his two brothers and a friend.

The victim is remembered as a quiet teen who never caused trouble, was an active in  his school's ROTC, and was notoriously punctual.

The crime occurred in Erie, Pennsylvania and was reported July 14, 2015.

The 14-year-old black youth who allegedly killed Pushisnky evokes memories of George Stinney. Stinney was 14-year-old when he murdered two little white girls in 1944. Apologists for violent black criminals insist that Stinney was too young to commit such a crime. Stinney is the youngest person ever to be legally executed in the nation's history and has become an icon for anti-white racism.

• Many black children have no father figure at home. Children are raised like pet dogs by welfare-dependent single mothers: They feed and bed their 'pets,' then turn them loose in the neighborhood to roam in packs where criminal behavior is admired and re-enforced through peer pressure.

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Jacob Pushisnky, 18, was the victim of a tragic fatal shooting over the weekend. Educators who spent almost every day with him are saying this is a huge loss to both the East High and the ROTC community.

On Saturday afternoon around 3, Pushinsky was riding his bike with his brother and two other friends in the 200 block of East 8th Street when he was allegedly shot by 14 year old Derrys Sanders Junior, after refusing demands to give up his bicycle.

This week, the Erie community is mourning the loss.

Jacob's home room teacher this past year, Bob Merski's initial reaction was complete shock. He said he was always punctual, and was the first one in the door in the morning, and would help him with anything.

Pushinsky was also an ROTC Cadet and according to one of his instructors, Natalie North, he was looking to join the Army right after he graduated high school next year.

North said Jacob was never known to cause trouble, kept to himself, and strayed away from potential bad influences.

The suspect in the homicide of Jacob Pushinsky turned himself into Erie Police Monday afternoon.

Fourteen year old Derrys Sanders Junior is being charged as an adult in the murder of Pushinsky. He is being held without bail in the Erie County Prison on homicide, robbery and weapon charges.

Several neighbors that knew Sanders declined to speak with JET 24 on camera, those that did say that he was not perceived as a threat to the neighborhood.

Erie’s Public Schools spokesperson says that Sanders was not a current student of theirs and most recently attended Pfieffer-Burleigh for several weeks in November.

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