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July 9, 2015 -- A 12-year-old Minneapolis boy will be charged as an adult for shooting a 31-year-old to death.

The arrest of Jarrell Milton was reported July 8, 2015. He had been missing since the shooting death of Jamymell Ray in broad daylight on June 29.

Milton and two teen companions are also accused of shooting Charles Fisher, 30, during the attack. Fisher survived.

News reports say the two victims were shot as they were driving through Omaha, Nebraska’s Miller Park. It was a random shooting, reports say.

The crime left authorities wondering how the preteen managed to travel to Minnesota where he was arrested.

• The death of Fisher will not be reported nationally by the mainstream Marxist media in spite of the fact that his killer was only 12 years old.

Black lives matter little to the predatory left unless those lives can be exploited to further the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of the white bourgeois.

The mainstream Marxist media also wants us to believe that George Stinney, the youngest person executed for homicide in the United States, could not have possible committed the murder of two little white girls because no one as young as fourteen could commit such crimes.

Stinney was executed in 1944. Apologists for black violent crime have gone to extremes in their effort to vindicate the 14 year old, including the production of a white-guilt movie, 83 days. 

IMDb describes the movie: "The true story of George Stinney Junior, a 14 year old African American boy that was wrongly accused, convicted, and executed for a crime that he did not commit."

The predatory left has changed the horrific murder of two little white girls, spinning the story to create a false narrative in which the killer becomes the victim of white racism. Sad to say, gullible Americans believe most anything Hollywood produces, confusing fictitious screenplay with reality, then acting out the false reality.

The movie has not been released.

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More gunshots are heard Tuesday afternoon in an Omaha neighborhood. This is the 10th shooting in four days that has left two people dead.

Jamymell Ray, 31, died Monday in a shooting near Omaha’s Miller Park. There are still no concrete updates from police as they continue to investigate, but one of the victim’s family members tells KETV Newswatch 7 that Ray and Charles Fisher, 30, were driving when they were shot.

Fisher was released from the hospital Tuesday.

Just a few inches made all the difference between life and death for Fisher. His mother, Shelly Fisher Mimms said her son’s life was spared Monday.

“It's just scary, scary, I'm just really depressed behind all this,” Mimms said.

Someone shot Fisher near 24th and Redick, the bullet was inches away from his heart.


Fisher’s mom said that Ray leaves behind eight kids.

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