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July 12, 2015 -- A 12-year-old boy said he heard shots then felt pain in his leg.

The pre-teen was one of nine victims of gunfire on Chicago's predominantly black South Side since Saturday morning.

One of the victim's died.

• The violent crime underscores the reason why privileged white liberals refuse to engage the black community by living among them. White liberals prefer to live in the security and safety of de facto Jim Crow neighborhoods where they are segregated from violent black crime. From their insular isolation they don a cloak of self-righteous morality as they condemn white privilege.

Violent crime has increased in America's urban centers by 18 percent since police have been demoralized by the media and cultural Marxism. Most of the victims have been black. Black lives matter to cultural Marxism and globalism, but only when those lives can be exploited to shore up the white privilege myth, demonize the Confederate flag, or further efforts to take weapons from law-abiding Americans.

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