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June 30, 2015 -- A 13-year-old black female is in custody after assaulting a white girl and her toddler niece.

The victim is 14 years old.

The attack was captured on video and subsequently went viral on the Internet.

The crime occurred in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Rowlett.

The video bypasses the mainstream Marxist media to give Americans an accurate perspective of racial violence in America. The false narrative propagated by the predatory left -- that whites historically have brutally oppressed blacks -- is an abject lie. Whites have been perennially victimized by black thugs Many of the attackers suffer from acute lack of intelligence with IQs below 80.

News reports say the black female and a companion bullied their white victims, ordering them to "get up." When the white girl refused, the black girl began the assault.

In the false lore woven by the predatory left, such bullying was the common fare suffered by blacks in the Jim Crow South. That narrative is a myth.

In reality Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from the violence graphically visualized in the video.

• What to expect? In the future we predict that hate speech will be rendered illegal and such videos will be banned as such allowing the predatory left to continue to propagate its false narrative that white people are the oppressing bourgeois and blacks are their proletariat victims.

• Beginning in June, 2015 we've noticed the number of videos depicting black-on-white violence has descreased dramatically as web venues are attempting to prevent Americans from witnessing reality.

You may help us bypass the Internet censors by downloading the video here, then uploading it to your YouTube account and/or social media sites.

You will want to download it before it is deleted.

You may download the video to your computer here ►  Then, if left-wing hate groups succeed in getting the video banned, you may upload it to your YouTube account and help us keep truth alive.

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A video clip of the attack was reportedly first posted on YouTube. It shows two young females demand that another girl “get up.” She is holding the young child and refuses.

The aggressor then pulls the girl up by her hair and the child falls to the ground. The child can be heard crying while the girl is dragged off and beaten.

The victim went to school with the suspect, but they only knew each other in passing. Police say the two had a minor altercation during the school year, but nothing major.

Investigators believe the teens just happened to cross paths at a playground at Herfurth Elementary School in Rowlett, where the video was recorded.

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