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June 22, 2015 -- The victim was beaten for two hours.

Robert Trosclair Jr. died from the attack.

Convicted was Rahim Ambrose. He was one of three males who beat Trosclair April 7, 2013 in Gulfport, Mississippi.

The sentencing was reported June 19, 2015.

• Black thugs seldom commit violent crimes alone.

• If readers are aware of three white males who beat a black man for two hours resulting in his death at anytime in American history, please post a link in the comment section below.

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A Harrison County jury returned the death penalty Friday for Rahim Ambrose, convicted of capital murder in the kidnapping and killing of Robert Trosclair Jr., his lifelong friend.

Assistant District Attorney Crosby Parker said Circuit Judge Roger Clark read the verdict to a crowded courtroom and imposed the sentence.

The death sentence is the fifth handed down in Harrison County since 2009.

The jury convicted Ambrose on Thursday. Eyewitnesses testified Ambrose and two other men beat Trosclair over a two-hour period at locations on Lobouy and Firetower roads in the DeLisle community April 7, 2013.

Trosclair was found face-down in a ditch on Cunningham Road. He was hog-tied with a ratchet strap, unrecognizable and brain-dead.

Prosecutors said they were unable to confirm a motive.

Only a jury can decide on a death penalty. Otherwise, capital murder carries a prison term of life without parole.

Ambrose's family members pleaded for his life in a sentencing hearing Thursday. They said he'd had a hard life, but was a positive person who encouraged others, worked hard and supported his three children.

They said he wasn't a violent person and his actions were out of character, but his life had value.

Robert Trosclair's life had value, too, Vena Trosclair said Friday. He was her son.

"He had three sons and relatives and friends who loved him just as much as Rahim's family loves him," she said. "He loved his children very much and all that was taken away."

Robert Trosclair was a commercial fisherman who enjoyed working on the water. His mother said he was devoted to family. When his brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, he stayed by his brother's bedside six weeks without leaving the hospital, she said.

"I'm relieved, but the death penalty doesn't matter much to me. Rahim will probably sit on Death Row for a long while."

"He brought all this on himself. He made the decision to do wrong, and now my son is not here and he is."

Justice brings some relief, she said, "But closure? You never get that."

District Attorney Joel Smith said the hard work of the Harrison County Sheriff's Office made the verdict possible.

"This has been a tough case and a difficult week for the Trosclair family," Smith said. "The jury's verdict provides them justice as they continue to mourn the loss of their loved one."

Ambrose, 31, was about 9 years old when his mother's live-in boyfriend killed his father outside Isabelle's Lounge on Dec. 2, 1988. Willie Lee Dedeaux was convicted of murder for the shooting of Luke Turner. The state Supreme Court overturned the conviction in 1993 and sent the case back to court as a manslaughter case.

Ambrose's mother testified she has remained in a relationship with Dedeaux and they live together.

Ambrose's relatives said his life grew hard after his parents separated. He shared other relatives' clothes and shoes whether they fit or not, they said, and he often slept on the floor and covered his head to keep roaches off his body.

Dominique White, the mother of two of Ambrose's children, called him "the perfect dad." She said Ambrose provided financial support while she went to college and raised their children.

The Rev. Mark Turner, twin brother of Ambrose's slain father, said Ambrose attended church and had recently been baptized. He said Ambrose, a singer and songwriter, had planned to join the church's praise team.

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