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June 30, 2015 -- Williamson County, Tennessee has evoked the wrath of Tim Wise.

The county posted notice that it will no longer perform wedding ceremonies, thanks, we suppose, to the recent high court decision forcing us to acknowledge homosexual marriages as valid.

The response posted on Wise's Facebook page read:

Williamson County needs to be boycotted and financially destroyed....all Nashvillians, seriously...until they start marrying everyone equally, we must refuse to spend one penny in their pathetic more Cool Springs Mall, no more Brentwood shopping or recreating. Don't even visit their sad-ass strip mall hellhole...destroy Let them live off their church tithes and love offerings..
Come on, Tim!

Financially destroyed? Jesusville?

That reeks of ignorant, anti-Christian bigotry and hatred.

Where's the tolerance? Love?

I thought you were better than that!

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  1. I'd like to see so much push back on gay marriage, that the POTUS, SCOTUS and Tim Wise will wet their pants out of fear.

  2. I'm pretty sure that most residents of Brentwood would prefer that most Nashvillians, including this kosher bigot, stay there, as it's likely the reason they moved down there to begin with. Too bad Tim the Kashrut SJW moved his office down there, when he could've put it in a diverse neighborhood where his mouth is.