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June 18, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Tired of the Rachel Dolezal scandal yet?

Dolezal is the white woman who manged to get elected president of the Spokane, Washington NAACP.

Sit back and relax. Another cultural shift is in the making, I predict. We're likely to hear much more.

Cultural shifts occur when the predatory left abruptly changes course.

Examples? There are plenty.

• There was a time when the predatory left engaged in perennial hand-wringing over women's rights. That trend shifted when the left realized that Islam would do more damage to Western culture than neo-feminism. Women's rights are out; Islam's misogyny is in.

• Another cultural shift occurred when the predatory left abandoned its long-held fear mongering regarding overpopulation. While the invasion of 30 million illegal aliens taxes our natural resources, nary a word can be heard from the left.

• We were once told to worry endlessly over the threat of nuclear winter. That shifted to global warming that, in turn, shifted to 'climate change.'

Dolezal may be the harbinger of another shift.

Long before there was Dolezal pretending to be black, there was Al Jolson. Typical of performers in the pre-TV American era, Jolson performed in blackface. It was perfectly acceptable in his time.

The predatory left decided for us that such was shame-faced racism, and the memory of Jolson became a blot in the archive of America's racist past.

Recall the scandal when Ted Danson showed up at Whoopi Goldberg's roast in blackface?

Probably not. That was over 20 years ago.

Danson tested the 'whites-can't-look-black' rule and was subsequently castigated by the media for daring to violate leftist protocol.

So where's the politically correct outrage over Dolezal faking her blackness?

Expect a shift.

Cultural Marxism wants to blur human distinctions. To that end it informs us that gender is a matter of preferences and race is social construct.

While Jolson and Danson were roundly criticized, the new norm will likely hail Dolezal as courageous and cutting-edge.

Abandoning forensic science for social tinkering, the predatory left wants us to think of race as an abstract. If my prediction is correct, Dolezal will be to race what Bruce Jenner is to gender.

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