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June 23, 2015 -- Three young women have been found dead in Ross County, Ohio. Another four have gone missing.

Police say Jason McCrary is a prime suspect in one of the murders.

Timberly Claytor's body was found late last month.

McCrary was being held on an unrelated charge -- failure to register as a Tier 1 sex offender.

The arrest was reported June 2, 2015.

• We've heard nothing from neo-feminists condemning this ultimate abuse of women. Apparently black males who murder white women fails to meet their narrative of social injustice, such as government's failure to fund contraceptives.

• People of all colors and backgrounds commit violent crimes. If readers are aware of a white male who preys on black women, please post a link in the comment section. We intend to be fair and balanced.

• We've not heard from Geraldo regarding this story.

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Ross County Sheriff George Lavender said Jason McCrary is the prime suspect in the death of 38-year-old Timberly Claytor.

Claytor is the third woman from the area found dead over the last year and is one of seven women who have gone missing during that time period.

Investigators say they are forming a taskforce with federal, state and local officials to solve this killing and find out what happened to the missing women.

The sheriff, chief of Chillicothe police, and county prosecutor were asked if there is a serial killer in the area, and they said they are looking at that possibility.

“That is a possibility we have not ruled out. We do not want to jump to that conclusion because it is possible some or all of these missing persons are independent of one another,” said Matthew Schmidt, Ross County Prosecutor.

McCrary is being held on an unrelated failure to register as a Tier 1 sex offender after he was arrested Saturday near where Claytor body was found in Massieville.

Even with that arrest investigators said the taskforce will look for any connections between the missing and dead women.

Summer Secrest has known Claytor since she was a toddler. She says Claytor was the closest thing to a mom she ever knew.

“It is so unreal, it has not hit home that she is really gone but, I know she is and I just want justice for her and I want justice for all these girls,” said Secrest, Claytor's close friend.

She says Claytor knew all the missing women and showed kindness to the suspects.

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  1. Evil walks among us !!!!!!! no outrage! no candle light vigil! or bridge crossing ! or show of unity by the communities here they were white. nothing to see here just a racial serial killer of white women for some reason it's less shocking and requires no media attention wake up people we are being hunted !! protect your families and people you care about