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June 17, 2015 -- A British teen has committed suicide, the victim of a scam by a Nigerian gang.

Ronan Hughes, 17, was instructed to send the gang £3,300 (about $5,200).

When the teen failed to send the cash, the gang posted intimate photos of Hughes on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the British government presses forward in its effort to welcome migrants from Nigeria.

Hughes lived in Northern Ireland. His suicide was reported June 16, 2015.

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"He came to me and said 'I'm in trouble here'," she said in an interview with the Irish News daily newspaper.

"He gave me his phone. They were looking for more than £3,000 for an image he had posted and told him they were going to show it to all his friends.

"They had sent him a list of all his Facebook friends. He texted them back to say 'but I'm only 17'."

Mr Hughes brought his son to a Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) station at Dungannon immediately, but he said there was only one officer on duty at that time of the night and he said there was not a lot he could do.

"I knew Ronan was looking for help and I told him [the officer] that all my son wanted is for these images not to be posted," he told the paper.

"He told us that he couldn't guarantee that. For Ronan, it was totally dismissive.

"If the police had given Ronan reassurance and said 'we'll contact IT experts, we'll close this down, we'll stop that', Ronan would still be here today.

"That's why he came to us. He wanted help."

The couple brought their son back to police the next day and spent a number of hours with officers but said they did not hear anything back over the next couple of days.

On the day of his death, Mrs Hughes said Ronan called her to say a friend had contacted him to say she had received a link containing images, but she had not opened them.

Mr Hughes left work early to go home amid concerns how his son might react.

When he arrived he found notes on the kitchen table and then discovered his son's body in a field behind their home.

"The biggest point we want to get across is how naive parents are in relation to social media," he said.

"There's no point in a parent taking a phone off a child when they don't know what they are doing themselves or how to access the technology themselves."

Mrs Hughes said she and her husband felt it was important to speak out.

"We decided to speak out as this is something that could have been prevented," she said.

"A child with mental illness maybe can't be stopped from taking their own life.

"But to think that Ronan was living life to the full and then all of a sudden something like this can pop up and take his life...that's why we had to act.

"We want there to be changes so if a child out there is being bullied online they can go to the police or other authorities with their concerns.

"We don't want another family to go through what we've gone through."

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