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June 30, 2015 -- The predatory left deals with the escalated violence caused by Mexican gangs by pretending they don't exist. (See a list of Mexican gangs here.)

To acknowledge otherwise will get one labeled a racist, xenophobe or, in the case of Donald Trump, a cancelled television program.

An Associated Press article seemed elated when it reported:

Trump, known for his poufy red hair and penchant for provocative remarks, has never shied away from controversy. But as he launches his 2016 presidential bid in earnest, his latest comments — that some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime to the country and are rapists — offended many, were denounced by Mexican-American groups and led NBC to abruptly drop the billionaire. Mexican media giant Televisa also said it would no longer be doing business with Trump.
Trump didn't make his billions by making public relations blunders and, in our humble opinion, the 2016 presidential candidate weighed the risks of losing his television program. Our guess is he wanted to dump the show anyhow.

We also suspect that Trump's presidential bid is a PR stunt (as in the past he suggested Oprah as a running mate) that will gain more notoriety for his brand than a worn reality show.

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  1. I agree with what Trump says, but I don't take him seriously. Too bad, as our country needs a hard hitter and straight talker, but what do we get - Donald Trump, a showman and nothing else.

  2. I guess the media were just supposed to assist Narcissa Trump in his scapegoating without comment. Bad media! bad!