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June 27, 2015 -- Shawn Eric Ford Jr. won't be spared the death sentence due to his mental disability.

An Ohio judge ruled that Ford's low IQ was insufficient to qualify for exemption.

News reports say Ford befriended the adopted daughter of Jeffrey and Margaret Schobert, then broke into the family's home with a friend. After bludgeoning Mr. Schobert to death with a sledge hammer, he used the victim's phone to text Mrs. Schobert, urging her to return home.

The crime occurred near Akron, Ohio in April, 2013.

The judge's decision was reported June 26, 2015.

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14-year-old Jamall Vaughn took offense when the Schoberts refused to allow their daughter hangout with his buddy Shawn Ford, Jr.

News reports say the teens broke into the home of the heath-care lawyer after taking a sledgehammer from the garage. Finding Jeffrey Schobert home alone, Ford beat him to death with the hammer.

He reportedly pounded the 56-year-old's head 14 times.

Using Schobert's cell phone, he texted his wife Margaret, 59, urging her to return home from the hospital. The woman was visiting their daughter, Chelsea, who was hospitalized due to skull fracture and stab wounds inflicted by Ford ten days earlier. Ford attacked the girl because she had refused to have sex with Ford at a party.

The two teens sipped soda and played video games while they awaited the arrival of their second victim.

The Schobert's bodies were discovered by contract workers.

Ford was 18 at the time of the crime and now faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Vaughn was 14, the same age as George Stinney when he murdered two little white girls in 1944. Apologists for black violence claim Stinney was too young to commit such a heinous crime and complain, as always, that his trial was unfair. Stinney was the youngest person to be legally executed in the United States.

The Vaughn's daughter, Chelsea, was adopted and appears to be bi-racial.

White liberals who isolate themselves in Jim Crow, segregated suburban neighborhoods are typically unaware of the violent nature of urban savages, supposing they are placid as portrayed in television and cinematic fiction.

Not all blacks are violent criminals, nor are all violent criminals black. However, Dept. of Justice statistics reveal that 52.2% of homicides in America are committed by blacks, nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the population.

Apparently the Schoberts were unaware of that reality until it was too late.

The crime occurred in April, 2013 and Vaughn entered a guilty plea in Feb. 2015.

• The crime was committed in the isolated and insulated village of New Franklin, Ohio. New Franklin is 97.7 percent white and only 0.6 percent black. Two black teens walking through the town would be out of place. Authorities should have been contacted. The minds of New Franklin's white residents, however, were likely infected by the cultural Marxism virus that convinces whites that it is immoral to view black male teens as innately dangerous.

That bit of brainwashing likely contributed to the deaths of the Schoberts in the prime of life and orphaned their adopted teen daughter.

• Cultural Marxism is deadly. Nonetheless, we continue to allow our minds to be infected by the cultural Marxism virus, believing the false reality that whites are oppressors (bourgeois) of non-whites (proletariat) when, in reality, the opposite is true.

The antidote for the cultural Marxism virus is reality, and that's why publishes stories like the one above: so that people like the Schoberts don't have to face death before confronting reality.

• Is your mind infected with the cultural Marxism virus?

Take this simple test:

If you see two out-of-place black teens walking through your neighborhood, what would you do? Contact authorities? Or comply with the false reality inflicted upon your mind by the media?

• Today the violent murder of the Schobert's is ignored by the mainstream Marxist media. Instead, the focus is on the murder of three Muslims by a white male in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The murder of non-white Muslims fits the cultural Marxism narrative and, therefore, qualifies to be heralded by the media as our minds are impressed with the false reality that whites are violent and non-white their inevitable victims.

• 100 years ago horrendous homicides, such as the murders of the Schoberts, prompted the white community to seek immediate justice by forming lynch mobs. Had this crime occurred then, both Vaughn and Ford would have been hanged and remembered today as victims of crazed, racist white people.

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