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June 24, 2015 -- Ever wonder why the predatory left uses hate speech and pejoratives in lieu of logic?

The answer is simple: If liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals.

• Liberals use hate speech and pejoratives because their minds are void of other options.

That's not to say they don't take an occasional stab at being reasonable, but when they make such futile efforts their bankruptcy of reason becomes overwhelmingly apparent.

There are other reasons.

• Liberals use pejoratives to invoke others to hate us.

The predatory left uses terms such as 'racist' to induce a specific response. When a liberal calls you a 'racist,' others will respond by hating you.

You can make most anyone hate anyone else by accusing your victim of being a racist.

Pejoratives and hate speech dehumanize those to whom they are attached.

I once was a victim of such libelous slander. A neighbor falsely accused me of being a racist. The effect was immediate and obvious as other neighbors glared at me with hateful scowls. (Some still do.)

The neighbors who knew me, however, were less affected. Most were aware that I am not a racist; I am vociferously anti-racist. My friends are well aware that I consider racism to be immoral and illogical. What sets me apart from many self-proclaimed anti-racists is the fact that I strongly oppose anti-white racism as well as other forms of true bigotry. That is an abstract many liberals struggle to comprehend.

It is ironic that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels organizations with the "hate group" pejorative for the express purpose of convincing us to hate the accused "hate group."

Those who believe the false allegation become the true haters.

• Liberals use pejoratives to acquire a false sense of moral supremacy.

Have you ever noticed that lazy people frequently accuse others of being lazy? You may have observed this phenomenon at work. The laziest layabout employee will 'project' his or her laziness on others.

Likewise, stupid people grapple with their own ineptness by projecting stupidity on others.

Bigots do the same.

Those who are inherently hateful will project that hate on others. They will call others 'racists' in an effort to veil their own bitterness. You may have noticed, for example, that Democrats are the most visceral of haters.

A case in point was seen at a protest in Phoenix, Arizona. Hundreds of motorcyclists rallied at a mosque to express their support for free speech. Oddly -- if not hypocritically -- liberals counter protested, pretending they were the guardians of love, peace, and inclusion. They wholly ignored the coarse reality that Islam is the most violent and bloody movement in world history.

• Liberals use pejoratives because it is effective.

Like a bullet to one's head kills 37-trillion cells in one's body, the accusation of racism or other pejorative kills infinite reason. Using a pejorative is akin to flipping a switch on another's brain to the 'off' position.

Try it. When someone makes any reference to race, interrupt that person with an accusation of racism. In most cases, the person will promptly stop speaking. What's more, the brain turns into the 'off' position. We dare not entertain thoughts that could be racist.

The predatory left quite literally controls our minds with the use of absurd pejoratives.

It is common for humans to wholly abandon reason for the sole sake of avoiding being labeled with the 'racist' pejorative.

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