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June 21, 2015 -- Kyle Rogers inspired the loon who shot nine people dead in Charleston, South Carolina. That's the 'oSPINion' of a British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

The intent is to place pressure on honest news venues, intimidating them into silence. The Daily Mail's article was tantamount to a unholy Jihad on Rogers and those determined to bypass the mainstream Marxist media's false narratives.

• Note that The Daily Mail categorizes the organization that sponsors Roger's website as "white supremacist." That term is a pejorative; a not-so-subtle code word that fingers Rogers and those like him as subhuman creatures worthy of hate, intimidation, and even violence.

The logic behind The Daily Mail's accusation is that the 21-year-old who murdered nine black individuals in Charleston, South Carolina last week was inspired by Roger's website.

• We could also conclude that The Daily Mail inspired the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson by virtue of their bias reporting. We could suggest that The Daily Mail inspired the Muslim thugs who attacked the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, France earlier this month. We could conclude that The Daily Mail provided the inspiration behind the thousands of white farmers murdered in South Africa since the fall of apartheid.

• We could further conclude that Roger's website will enjoy a huge spike in visits due to the attack by The Daily Mail. The silver lining should be obvious: Thousands may learn the truth about black violence.

• So what is it The Daily Mail doesn't want you to know?

Perhaps newspaper behind the Ferguson riots doesn't want you to know that 52.2 percent of all homicides in the United States were committed by blacks.

It could be the news outlet that inspired the Baltimore riots wants you to remain ignorant that five-year-old Allison Griffor, a white girl, was shot dead by four black thugs in Charleston in 2011.

We could blame The Daily Mail as complicit in the shooting death of 32-year-old Jerome Caldwell, a black male gunned down after attacking a police officer in Charleston.

We could count The Daily Mail's biased reporting as complicit in the roving mobs of black teens who randomly beat people on the streets of Charleston.

Or we could cite The Daily Mail as a contributor to the ignorance of Americans who are unaware that, in 1860, the largest slave holder in South Carolina was a black plantation owner named William Ellison.

We could note, quite accurately, that The Daily Mail is the inspiration behind the unholy Jihad against Rogers and the large body of patriots whose minds are unencumbered by the cultural Marxism virus.

More pertinently we could suggest The Daily Mail inspired the murder of nine innocent church people by propagating the cultural Marxism myth that creates an environment exacerbating racial violence.

• Our challenge to the ignorant bigots at The Daily Mail: Find anything on Kyle Rogers' website that is inaccurate. To date, I've found nothing.

They have nothing to fear but truth itself.

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