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June 17, 2015 -- Cultural Marxism claimed another black life last week.

News reports say an immigrant from Africa was shot dead in Louisville by a police officer Saturday. The action was captured on security video.

The crazed savage can be seen attacking the officer with what appears to be a seven-foot flag pole. The cop defended himself with deadly force.

The African collapsed on the pavement.

The predatory left is adept at slaughtering black people.

By convincing blacks they are oppressed by police, the left exacerbates already strained perceptions and, in so doing, compels some blacks to attack cops. The outcome is dead black people.

The left willfully sacrifices occasional blacks to 'confirm' the false narrative that blacks in America are the oppressed proletariat and whites -- cops in particular -- are the oppressing bourgeois.

• So why was thirty-five-year-old Deng Manyoun in Louisville being oppressed by white people rather than fleeing to the security and safety of his home in South Sudan?

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Thirty-five-year-old Deng Manyoun didn’t speak English—but he did swing at a Kentucky patrolman with a 7-foot pole, with its ‘Open’ flag attached. He paid with his life.
He swung a flagpole at a Kentucky cop, and it cost him his life.

Deng Manyoun, a 35-year-old African immigrant who didn’t speak English, was fatally shot by a Louisville police officer Saturday after he charged at the patrolman with a 7-foot pole.

In surveillance footage released by WHAS-TV, Manyoun is seen outside a smoke shop as Officer Nathan Blanford pulls up in a squad car. The two begin arguing, and the man walks away and returns with a pole, which has a business’s red-white-and-blue “open” flag attached to it.

Manyoun—suspected of assaulting a woman moments before—charges at Blanford and wildly swings at him with the pole, which is made of two pieces and breaks in half.

Within seconds, Blanford makes the fatal decision to shoot. He fires twice at the crazed man, who falls backward, out of view of the security camera. Manyoun was rushed to the hospital and later died.

The 40-year-old officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Louisville Metro Police Department.

On Sunday, Louisville activists denounced what they called a national trend of police using excessive force against people of color. They questioned why Blanford didn’t first try to subdue Manyoun with a Taser, mace, or baton.

Manyoun didn’t speak English, according to neighbors and the police chief.

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