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June 19, 2015 -- A teen was murdered just days after graduating from Memphis University School in Tennessee.

18-year-old Frank Gaines Whittington was found shot to death in the parking lot of the Champion Hills Apartments.

Arrested for the crime is Andrae Tewari, 19, who is charged with second degree murder.

The crime was reported May 29, 2015 and the arrest was reported June 18.

Unlike the murders of nine black people in Charleston, South Carolina this week, the murder didn't attract national media attention, was not exploited to exacerbate racial hatred, nor did the governor hold a news conference to declare the heart and soul of Tennessee had been broken.

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Andrae Tewari, 19, was arrested Wednesday evening for the murder of Frank Gaines Whittington. Tewari is charged with second-degree murder.

Nearly three weeks ago, the murder of Whittington devastated students and faculty at Memphis University School.

Friends and family were left with questions like who could be responsible and why, but investigators said at least part of that mystery is now solved.

Memphis police said Tewari admitted to killing Whittington, but the police affidavit never gave a motive behind the murder or said whether the two knew each other.

Whittington was killed Friday, May 29 inside a gated community in the Champion Hills apartments just 13 days after graduating from MUS. He was found lying next to his SUV near broken glass.

Tewari's father, Andrae Sr., declined an on camera interview, however he expressed condolences to the family and friends of Whittington. He also said there is more to the story that will likely come out as the investigation continues.

Tewari Jr. has a criminal history. Last April he was charged with aggravated robbery after he admitted to police that he drove the getaway car in an armed robbery off Winchester Avenue. An 18-year-old at the time, he turned himself in to police.

This latest charge of second-degree murder came after Tewari Jr. gave police a typed statement admitting to the crime. His bond is set at $800,000.

Friends and family of Whittington haven't said much about what happened the night of his murder. Instead, they continue to honor and remember his life by sharing thoughts and prayers on social media.

MUS Headmaster Ellis Haguewood said Whittington was a bright young man with a great future. He played multiple sports and was involved in several clubs at the school. He planned to attend the University of Colorado in this fall.

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