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June 16, 2015 -- Demetrius Blackwell, 35, faces a 12-count indictment stemming from the shooting death of a New York City police officer last month.

Blackwell shot Officer Brian Moore, 25, in the head when the policeman attempted to question him.

The murder occurred May 2, 2015 in Queens, New York.

The murder charges were reported June 11, 2015.

Blackwell is also charged with attempted murder of Moore's partner, Erik Jansen.

• Apologists for black criminals claim the disproportionate number of incarcerated black relative to other races and ethnic groups is evidence of anti-black racism.

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A New York man accused of shooting a plainclothes police officer last month was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday, in a 12-count indictment that stiffened prior charges after the officer's death.

Demetrius Blackwell, 35, was arrested hours after he allegedly shot New York Police Department officer Brian Moore, 25, in the head after Moore attempted to question him in a middle-class section of the borough of Queens on May 2. Moore died on May 4.

Blackwell was also charged with the attempted murder of Moore's partner, Erik Jansen.

Those charges are in addition to earlier charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, first-degree assault and weapons possession. The aggravated murder charge carries a maximum possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"The defendant's alleged conduct, and his total disregard of the law and authority, clearly demonstrate that he is a serious threat to society," said Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown.

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