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June 28, 2015 -- Alex Jones said he and friends were accosted by black thugs while dining out last month. He also said that, growing up in Dallas, he was attacked by blacks at least fifty times.

See video below.

Black-on-white violence has been pandemic and epidemic in America for generations. The media refuse to acknowledge it, preferring instead to pimp a false narrative that blacks are victims of white privilege.

Jones said he won't return to the area where he was accosted, then went on to share black crime facts that we've been reporting for years.

• This is why we do what we do at

Over the years we have continued to inform readers that 52.2 percent of homicides in America were committed by blacks. Eventually, the eyes of courageous media writers will fall upon the government crime statistics we report and pass those facts on to a wider audience.

It is incredibly encouraging to hear Alex Jones read black crime statistics from a mainstream media outlet.

• Jones seems to believe that black behavior is due to top-down social conditioning. He recalls a time when the black social structure was family based and black behavior wasn't much different from white behavior.

That bears a small grain of truth; not much  more.

The Red Summer of 1919 was a series of about 36 riots in which white men reacted with force to black violence. The sordid black behavior experienced by Jones in his childhood and during his outing with friends last month is the black behavior experienced by white 100 years ago. All that has change is our reaction to it.

Denial of that reality will do little more than earn one social acceptance and a false feeling of moral astuteness. Denial will do nothing to advance black culture in America.

Today we call it black 'ratchet' behavior. Prior generations referred to it as negro 'rascality.' It has always been a part of the American experience and will continue to be as long as a significant percentage of America's black population retains an average IQ below 80.

• Regardless of how we label it -- rascality or ratchet behavior -- it is the fruit of the wild seed sown by those who imported black slaves to our shores in times past; a fruit that can be graphically reviewed by accessing

The unpleasant reality is that so-called white 'hate groups' of generations past were reacting to black (and often white) rascality. While that doesn't justify the anarchy of lynch mobs -- about one-third of all lynching victims in America were white -- it should be noted that such groups weren't driven by an innate white racism as cultural Marxism pretends, but were motivated by an innate defense mechanism and a frustration born of the coarse reality as experienced by Jones during his dinner outing and throughout his childhood; an experience I shared growing up in Indianapolis.

The conclusion?

Cultural Marxism doesn't cause black rascality. It exploits it.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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