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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 21, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Letters from a WWII army physician contain accounts of American soldiers torturing and murdering German troops near the end of the war.

Captain David Wilsey was a 30-year-old anesthesiologist with the 116th Evacuation Hospital. The letters were sent to his wife.

Wilsey said the victims "had it coming!"

I saw captured SS tortured against a wall [by U.S. soldiers] and then shot in what you Americans would call “cold blood”—but Emily! God forgive me if I say I saw it done without a single disturbed emotion BECAUSE THEY SO HAD-IT-COMING

The doctor also complained of black American troops with out-of-control sexual appetites for white British women.

He wrote...

Racially and physical the negro male is 70+% a sexual athlete (to use sexologists’ phraseology). . . . As a result, the negro has had a 100% spree while overseas. . . . In fact, the British woman actually believes him to be an American-Indian, not realizing the marked racial, moral, endocrine and structural difference. . . . Now—we soldiers see/“see” an already developed “desire-for-white-meat” (intercourse with a white woman) in these negro soldiers; similar to an age-old American myth in certain white American men’s minds about sexual “super-ness” of the United States female octaroon.

 An octaroon is a person who is 7/8 white and 1/8 black.

The account was published in The New Republic.

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  1. Seems to me, to be more Propaganda, what with the convenient use of terms within the letters such as "Never again", I also find it suspect that this Man writes very affectionately, but is reported by his children to be near ruthless and cold-hearted upon his return to family, and beyond......doesn't equate in my world. Also the report of him allegedly telling his Daughter that she is spoilt, is automatically taken to infer that he compared the freedom and lifestyle of his Kids to those poor children in the camps, which will mean the perpetually innocent 'Chosen'.
    I should also point out that he seems to imply that European (British) women couldn't get enough of Black Americans, giving the impression that every British woman hungered for them, many women in the UK did have relations with GI's during the War, and a number of them with AA's also, it doesn’t equate to how it's implied; which was that every White Woman suddenly developed 'Jungle Fever' and lunged to everything dark that moved. The truth is most Races gravitate toward their own, and would never even consider bedding someone of another Race, let alone develop a relationship.

  2. My, that White superior intellect on display yet again. In this case, such a display is no doubt the result of him being a physician, the best of the best. Why, I'm filled with White pride when I read is astute observations.

  3. The American liberator wrote about Dachau:

    "Huge gas chambers built like shower rooms (as a ruse)!"

    However, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website says there was one room built as a gas chamber at Dachau, but "There is no credible evidence that the gas chamber in Barrack X was used to murder human beings."

    In his letters, the American liberator, a physician, admits to personally committing numerous felonies. He also rats on his fellow soldiers. It seems odd an educated person would do that. Surely he knew military censors would read his criminal confessions, which would have been used to send him to a military prison, along with earning him a dishonorable discharge.


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