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May 20, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- While the predatory left touts the path to citizenship, it fails to note there is a trail to terror.

The tail's head begins in Somalia from which Muslims trek to Minnesota as cute and cuddly refugees. As young adults they apply for student loans and spend the money on air fare to join the Islamic State. It's a trail of tears that will be ignored by historians.

Hamza Ahmed, 19, and Hanad Musse, 19, found their trail interrupted after they spent their student loan money on tickets to Turkey and Greece. From there they would advance to Syria, authorities say, and they were arrested.

The two terrorists are a part of a larger group employing the path.

How many others have completed the path to terror?

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On Tuesday, prosecutors combined two separate cases, meaning that seven young Minnesota friends will eventually be tried together for allegedly trying to join the terror group.

Prosecutors combined the case of Ahmed, who was arrested and charged in February, with that of six young men who were arrested in April. Prosecutors say Ahmed’s arrest should have served as a warning to the others.

The initials of some of those who were arrested in April appear in the Ahmed complaint.

Also on Tuesday, Abdurahman Daud, one of the two members of the group who the government says went to California to pick up fake passports, made his first court appearance in Minnesota.

Supporters of the young men argue that the fake passports were the idea of a confidential informant, and that all of the men are victims of government entrapment.

The informant was a close friend of all of the accused. Prosecutors say the informant was once part of the plot and at one point tried to join ISIS, too.

Since he began cooperating, the informant has been paid $12,000 by the FBI, a fact that has angered supporters of the young men.

Prosecutors have refused to say what, if any, charges the informant might face.

Five defendants are expected in court on Wednesday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office won’t say where the seventh defendant, who was arrested in California, is right now.

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  1. Student loans used to fund terror,and it was thought that education would assist in assimilation into western civilization. We have heard stories of third world fraudsters being involved in medicare, food stamp and lottery fraud. We know that Moslem store owners buy stolen goods and with the profit fund terror. Student loans have been used to buy many things other than an education, but to join ISIS is way too creepy.

  2. We accept these morons from Somalia as refugees, but won't accept a single white South African. Which one of the two do you think would make better citizens? This nation has lost all common sense and surrendered to political correctness. Unbelievable!


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