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May 18, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A hidden camera caught 84-year-old granny, Hope Shepherd, being beaten by her black caregiver.

The attack occurred in East London, South Africa and was reported two weeks ago. The video became available today.

The elderly woman's arm was broken last year without explanation. That prompted her family to install a hidden camera in her room.

• When white Europeans arrived in South Africa, the area was sparsely populated and the most advanced health care available was compliments of 'witch doctors.' Most Africans lived a paleolithic existence in grass huts.

After tens of thousands of years of indescribable abject poverty, inter-tribal warfare, and black-on-black slavery, black Africans were introduced to the technological advancements of Western culture.

However, cultural Marxism convinced most black Africans that the Europeans were invaders when, in reality, the black Africans invaded the region occupied by white settlers to take advantage of the enhanced lifestyle. In time the white population became a minority and, after a brief interlude of apartheid, the advanced white population was subdued by the black majority.

Black South Africans -- like the caregiver seen beating the elderly white woman -- never consider that, were it not for advanced Western technology, they would still be living in grass huts, existing in abject poverty with virtually no health care, and bathing their babies in cow urine.

• What you see occurring in this video is a real-life glimpse into the future of all white people throughout the North America, Australia, Europe and elsewhere. There is a notable exception: Once Western culture has been displaced, the technological, governmental, and moral infrastructure will collapse forcing civilization into a paleolithic dark ages from which we will never recover.

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Two weeks ago, we published a story about a caregiver caught beating 84-year-old Hope Shepherd, a chronically ill pensioner at an upmarket East London home for the frail and elderly.

Shepherd last year suffered an unexplained broken arm, which led to her family installing a secret camera in her Lily Kirchmann Complex room. She was unable to speak or write about what was happening to her.

After an agreement was reached to air it on a national investigative television programme, the Dispatch – which had the footage all along – is publishing it today.

It was aired on TV yesterday.

The video shows the caregiver slapping, punching and even kicking the woman, who tries to fight back.

The department of social development has subsequently launched an investigation into the assault, which it labelled “sick and unacceptable”. — DDR

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  1. I hope the piece of shit they call a caregiver dies a horribly painful death and burns in HELL .... coming to rest home near you very soon!


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