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May 30, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- An exchange student from Sweden went missing in California in 1982.

Her skeletal remains were found this week.

Ten days after Elisabeth Martinsson, 21, disappeared, a man was found driving the car she borrowed from her host family.

Henry Lee Coleman, who was driving the stolen yellow Volkswagen Rabbit, had previously served 10 years in prison on rape convictions in Oklahoma. He was wanted on a robbery warrant out of San Bernardino County, authorities said.

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Prosecutors dropped the case against Johnson for lack of evidence, while Coleman was tried on an auto theft charge. During his trial, a witness said she saw a man resembling Coleman approach a woman resembling Martinsson at Larkspur Landing, and they got in a car like the one Martinsson was driving.

Coleman was eventually convicted of auto theft and sentenced to five years in prison. Meanwhile, investigators were unable to find Martinsson.

In 2010, however, a partial skeleton was found in the Morrison Canyon area on the eastern edge of Fremont. Alameda County investigators sent the remains to the state Department of Justice to see if they could be matched to any missing persons cases.

In November, the coroner’s bureau received notification that dental records from the remains had been matched to Martinsson.

Alameda County sheriff’s Sgt. Patricia Wilson, an investigator in the coroner’s bureau, said the cause of death remains undetermined. Only about seven bones were found at the site, and they were out in the open, she said. No clothes or items belonging to Martinsson were found at the scene.

Martinsson’s remains were cremated. The coroner’s bureau is making arrangements to send the ashes to family members in Sweden.

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