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May 23, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Zimbabwe's racist dictator Robert Mugabe is blaming white people for the proliferation of black-on-black violence in South Africa.

Mugabe said whites are to blame because they own most of the land. He failed, however, to explain how owning land causes black South Africans to attack black migrants.

Mugabe is internationally recognized for his deadly state-sponsored terror campaign that slaughtered thousands of white farmers in Zimbabwe.

He called for a "second liberation" to address inequalities between blacks and whites. Liberation is code word for increased genocidal slaughter of white people.

• Mugabe's comments demonstrate the fatal flaw of Marxism: It is obsessed with equality rather than quality of life.

The outcome of Mugabe's approach can be seen in his own country that flourished when whites were free to manage businesses including farms. His racist hatred for white people led to Zimbabwe's economic collapse.

• Mugabe has no gratitude for the life-enhancing advancements bestowed upon black Africans by white innovation that includes everything from electric lights to extensive health care.

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe laid the blame for xenophobic violence in South Africa on white people, because he said they still owned most of the land and had most of the opportunities.

“It is a matter of the whites keeping things to themselves and the political dispensation brought in by Mandela, (that) did not address the question of disparities between whites and blacks, and this is what must be addressed,” he said at a press conference after visiting the headquarters of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) secretariat here. Mugabe is the current chairperson of SADC.

Mugabe said he was satisfied with the South African government’s response to the attacks. But he added that unemployment in South Africa and white dominance of land ownership made the xenophobic attacks understandable.

“Most of the land is in the hands of the whites who are in a minority…They are not talking in their country of whites being unemployed. It is blacks who are unemployed, this is what they must address first and foremost,” said Mugabe, calling for a second liberation to redress these inequalities.

South Africa should be helped to overcome the problem that former oppressors were still occupying the old positions and the advantages that they allocated to themselves during colonialism.

Countries like Zimbabwe had overcome oppression and inequalities of land ownership.

“But if you go to SA it is a different story, we need to help them, they need another liberation,” he said.

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  1. yeah they commit the crime then blame you, its been going on for centurys ! IMO i blame them for almost everything.

  2. I'd be willing to bet anyone who visits this website regularly a case of their favorite brand of beer, that if someone were to pick-pocket Obama's wallet out of his back pants pocket and then flipped through it, they'd find an autographed photo of Bobby Mugabe - probably with his arm around Obama's shoulders.

    Any takers?


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